dress: cheap monday @ asos
coat: topshop
rings: jwlry
necklace: river island*
shoes: office
lips: barry m 147 (review here)

Just a basic Cheap Monday tunic and the usual flatforms/fur coat combo today. Ive never really looked into Cheap Monday as a brand, I knew they sold jeans but I didn't really know what else. I was casually browsing  on Asos a few days ago and saw this decided to buy it. I think I bought it in large so that I could have it super oversized and baggy. At the moment I'm liking much longer length dresses than I used to. Sometimes I pull out some of my older dresses and dread to think what I look like from behind as I scurry up the stairs at the tube station.

Oh also, A funny story. And it sort of relates to what Im wearing in the post actually because Im wearing a similar top. I can't remember if I explicitly talked about it on the blog but ages ago Target in Australia took a photo of me and put it on a t-shirt. Obviously it was a bit weird as I was in a different country and it was going to be harder to prove it was me and Id only seen one photo of this shirt. However in the end we reached and agreement and I was compensated but I saw on the Daily Mail ( we have a love/hate relationship) that Tesco has actually done it to another blogger! Copy write issues on the internet are getting worse and worse. I do realise its just something that is just impossible be regulated online, but you think that a company as massive as Tescos would know better. When I was going through the process with Walmart they explained that they out source all the designs so it wasn't "their" fault as such. Still, pretty weird that its happened to another blogger!

My Boohoo giveaway still has a week left to comment and be in with the chance of winning a £100 voucher. I started tallying up all the entries into a spreadsheet today so Im hoping to get the winner announced as soon as it closes!