Anything I do say on this blog are my own thoughts and to be honest I wouldn't take half of the things I say too seriously. Most of the time I joke around and just throw stupid things in my blog posts to see if people genuinely read what I write or not. Please don't get offended if I don't like the same things as you,  For example, every time I mention ugg's in a negative way people seem to get so offended that I don't like them and tell me I'm wrong. I dont care if you wear uggs or like them, I just personally wouldn't wear them, and that is just my opinion. I dont like the JC Litas but they are the most popular shoe in the Blog world! The majority of the items I wear on this blog are items I have purchased myself with my own money. As a "perk" of being a blogger from time to time I am offered free items in exchange for product placement of a brand on my blog. However, I am very selective when it comes to accepting free items because I always feel "If I didn't buy it myself, I probably didn't want it". Any items sent to me will be received on a "consideration" basis, if I do not like the item I will return the item.From August 2011 all items that are sent to me for consideration, paid for with store credit, giftcards or with press discount will be marked with a asterisk (*). Prior to this items send for free would be mentioned in the content of the post. I have decided to do this purely to provide a more transparent blogging experience for my readers. As I felt the method I was doing before lead to be saying I was sent it in the first post, then not repeating it if I wore it more than once. Felt like it was taking up too much space within the content within each blog post. I choose not to do "C/O" labelling, but this (asterik methord) is my equivalent. Being sent things for free does not change my opinion on a item, I pick out all the items I'm sent myself, and in the cases where a company will send me a item without me choosing it, I generally return it if its not suitable. I am a member of Glam Media, a bloggers network that brings the best of the blogs together and help promote networking and a fair compensation to bloggers, For example posts that would directly promote a brand, a competition/giveaway or contain specific content would fall under a sponsored post category. There is a difference between editorial content (i.e.: me wearing something) to promotional content (being asked to talk about a competition/giveaway) These posts are clearly marked with a sponsored post label tag as well as "This is a Sponsored Post" at the beginning of each post. I am a firm believer in the IFB Fair Compensation Manifesto. Sponsored posts are very few and far between on this blog and generally only appear on my other blog ETC LLYMLRS. My blog does contain commercial advertising. Personally I don't think adverts are a bad thing on blogs as we see them all over the internet. I try to make them blend in with my blog as much as possible without being too intrusive and I do understand that people might not like this. If you do not wish to see adverts on a permanent basis them, download Ad Blocker Plus for Firefox or Google Chrome. I will never have pop-up adverts, auto play videos or pre-page roll adverts. I do not accept guest posts from brands with the sole aim of SEO. My blog also contains affiliate marketing links on some items, however my choice of clothing on this blog is not dictated by these links. My affiliate marketing goes through SkimLinks, who I thoroughly recommend if you wanted to sign up for a quality affiliate advertising network. I would never accept money to attend an event or speak positively of a product unless I truely believed in it. I am never paid to wear specific items of clothes. If the case did arise of sponsored posts where Im sent something to review for compensation, this will be clearly marked, I will only do the post if I like the product.