A Sexy AF Perfume

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sometimes I feel like there are more Jo Malone launches than I can get my nostrils around, not that I'm complaining as it's become my go-to brand for fragrance but damn... the new Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka Cologne Intense is bloomin' sexy.

A oddly sweet but intense fragrance which was not what I was expecting. To be honest I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't the scent that came out of this bottle. The Top Note is lavender which honestly, I cant really smell at all and I like to think my nose is partial to a bit of Lavender. The warmer notes of the Tonka Bean gives it a vanilla creamy sweetness that mixes with the almond base notes gives the scent a lot of depth. Most of whole life Ive never really known what Myrrh is beyond "We Three Kings" and I think this is my first time smelling it but I like it - It's kinda spicy without being too oriental perfume feeling.

Now the big plus for this bad boy is that it lasts, a really really long time on me. A couple of spritz's (and be careful not to put too much on and it is super strong) and I kept getting a whiff throughout the day which made me feel all warm n' fuzzy. It's oddly comforting while being incredibly sexy at the same time. It smells like what you would imagine a very sexy man to smell like, somewhat dark and mysterious but full of warmth and sensuality but also the type to give you a big cuddle.

The scent is incredibly unisex and definitely a bit of a departure from other Jo Malone's classics but I really enjoy the scent. I think it's definitely my personal favourite Cologne Intense they have released to date although Orris and Sandlewood is a close second!

30 ASOS Items To Get You Through January

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I did this post a couple of months ago and I thought I'd bring it back because so many people loved it... And the fact it helps me keep track of my current Wishlist on ASOS. I have a real thing for Midi Skirts right now and I want to fill my wardrobe with them right now so theres a few on this list. My current colour palette is a variety of muted shades like mustard, smokey blue and blush pink so if you're feeling any of that stuff then this one is for you!

5 Blogging Goals for 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wow, I've become very aware that most of the stuff I've posted on here has been sponsored stuff and I agree, that sucks. Now generally I don't feel bad about working with brands as I only ever work with ones I love and want to talk about on here but its not right for it to become so common place. Honestly just kinda been unfortunate that it's gone that way.

This blog was my passion project, something I started when I was at University and then grew beyond my absolute wildest dreams. I don't think I ever wanted to be a blogger but it was something that intrigued me and drew me right in from the start. I've actually been a full time blogger for 5 years and  been blogging for over 7 years now and thats kinda crazy. But I'd slipped into this weird black hole where I'd stopped being a blogger and became a Youtuber as my love for blogging dwindled and sort of died a very tragic and drawn out death in favour of my Youtube Channel. I'd stopped reading as many blogs as I did before and watched so many videos on Youtube that Im a little bit ashamed of my watch history.

However recently I've been getting more and more back into blogs. It started off one day just scrolling through one of the blogging hashtags that go round each week and before I knew it I was on Bloglovin' and clicking through to tons of different things. Its been awesome to find so many cool, unique voices in the blogging world who just do it because they love it.

So in 2017 I want to start blogging again, mainly because it feels like a bit of a challenge and I really do like the idea of building myself back up again from the ground. Therefore, Today Im gonna share with you 5 of my blogging goals for 2017 and what I would really like to do going forward on this little space on the internet.

Get Better At Flay Lays
This is something that I've really, really wanted to explore going forward. I know it sounds like the most basic thing imaginable but its HARD OK. Like, Im not gonna lie the art of perfecting a flay lay has been eluded me for far too long. On Insta it just looks like a super effortless snap from the top down but theres so much more to it. It's mixing and matching bits and bobs to create a cohesive image. Trust me, it's an art form in itself.

Think Less
Something I've struggled with the past few years of my life as a blogger is overthinking the formula and the actual act of blogging. I feel because blogging got to this point where you had to write articles and long ol' stories about this that and the other (and we all know writing 'aint your gals strong point) I felt a little overwhelmed and kinda... just... not very good at it? Time for me to strip it back old school with a back to basics formula and see how that takes my fancy. I want to keep posts short and snappy, rather than a big ol' waffle (although admittedly I do like a good waffly post from time to time!) and in turn hopefully it'll make me feel OK to post more. I want to post simpler posts that aren't some epic tale, just a little tidbit about something or other.

Share more that I love
This kinda links to the last point but honestly I just want to share more of the things I like, products I use and my latest ASOS buys without having to have a full blown photo shoot. Cute little posts on a pair of boots I got in the sale or a snippet of my weekend in photo form. I've noticed I really don't share too much and I doubt you guys would know what my favourite lip colour of the moment is because I've not said or mentioned it anywhere. Do you guys know my current favourite perfume? There was a point years ago I could probably name most bloggers favourite things without even having to try and I kinda miss that vibe. While I do try and mention things I love over on my Youtube Channel it doesn't always fit with my content so it makes sense to use this platform to actually talk about my fave hairbrush or my current favourite Netflix season.

Try a New Layout
I've changed my layout a few times over the years but nothing has ever felt quite right. I've been using pre-made layouts for a while and I think it's about time I stripped things back and worked on a layout myself. This layout I currently have is lovely (honestly, no shade to the designer) but it's been seen before and I actually don't think it's very "me" or reflects my personality that well. What I need to do is put that Graphic Design degree to some use at least and do it myself! This is something I haven't even really thought through yet so god knows when I'll settle on something but  I do want to start putting this into motion at some point.

Get back into Outfit Posts.
This is probably the thing I should have put at the top of the list but it's some how ended up at the bottom but I really want to start doing outfit posts. I think I really do need to find someone local who will come around and take photos for me for my blog so it gives me a little more motivation and fits a little better with my schedule. Jon is my wonderful friend and photographer but for some reason every time we try and shoot the weather is bad or something messes up and unfortunately its been like that for a while. Goddam you crazy UK weather! None the less I want to start doing them again and show off what I wear now as I really like my current dress sense as arrogant as that sounds. I think I've finally found my personal style and Im really digging that. But beyond hauls I really don't show stuff off that much and that needs to change. The thing I loved so much all this years ago was showing of what I wear and getting feedback on that. As well as just sharing a bunch of high street bargains that anyone could buy, I loved hearing that people bought things off my recommendations because it made me feel good knowing its made others feel good!

It might be worth noting that I didn't include a "post x amount of times a week" clause in my blogging goals for 2017. I think it goes without saying that I genuinely want to post way more than I did up to this point and 100% more regularly than the odd post every now and again. My dream is for this to become a place where I can post a little bit of everything and kick it back to the blog I loved writing so much. Taking a simpler approach to it and just enjoying it all over again, plus accepting the challenge of rebranding myself as a blogging and vlogger, not just... well whatever I currently am. Which to be honest Im not quite sure.

Now that I have a new laptop that actually has keys that work properly I hope to get on this case ASAP - I've legit been without a computer that has a working keyboard for about 6 months and thats not cool. I've had to use a onscreen keyboard for the most part and thats a BALL ACHE. But I bought a new Macbook to mark the New Year and the new start. It's actually really nice being able to type a paragraph properly again.

Anyway, those are my blogging goals for 2017, I'd love to know yours if you have any!

New Year, New You Homewear For Under £20

Monday, January 09, 2017


TK Maxx is a treasure trove for all sorts of things from home wear to designer items, beauty bits to clothing, kids toys to kitchenware – It has a bit of everything and everything. I can see why people often find it a little bit overwhelming but if you put some time aside and have a good look around you’re almost certainly going to come out with a bunch of bits and bobs. Or can go in wanting one thing and end up coming out with a bunch of stuff you didn’t go in for but somehow needed anyway.

With the New Year, New You mindset I was asked to pop into store and pick up a bunch of things to kick start my new year. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to get my hands on but once I was there having a good ol’ nosey around I couldn’t help but add things to my basket! Every item in this post I picked up for under £20 too so it's a must visit place of you're on a New year budget!

First up I tackled the exercise stuff as I’ve been recently getting back into Yoga so I was in dire need of some new garms’. Partly because if you didn’t post a cute selfie of you in your work out gear, did you even work out at all?

I got a pair leopard print leggings for £12.99 as well as the grey marl sports bra for less than a tenner. I often find gym stuff its hard on the high-street to find affordable and good quality clothing that isn’t ugly - But because of the huge amount of brand names coming in to TK Maxx there’s plenty of big name sport brands to choose from for a fraction of the price. Oh and the “Killin’ it” Water bottle instantly got my attention purely for it’s sass! I also picked up some weights too because I thought they might motivate me a little bit to get my butt moving a little more at home! I really want to rejoin the gym at some point this year so having some nice workout stuff has made me actually motivated me into looking into it.


Moving on to home wear bits I picked up a mirrored tray which I thought would go really well on my new vanity set up  as well as a throw that could jazz up the sofa in my office. I have a real thing about soft furnishings at the moment and I almost bought a huge faux fur blanket for my bedroom, which I’m very tempted to go back for… I’m just hoping its still there! Im kicking myself for not getting it now!

I found a bunch of adorable cups with matching saucers as well as some cute bowls to put snacks and the like it when I have people come over. Even though I’m more of a mug girl when it comes to my cuppa they were just too sweet to leave in store. I think I’m going to use the saucers as catchall trays for my car keys or rings. Rather than what I usually do which is leave them lying all around my house and having to scramble around trying to find them when I want to go out. I managed to lock myself out of my house a few days after NYE, which was not one of my best ideas.

I also got a couple of notebooks so I can continue planning my world domination well into 2017. My favorite purchases of the day a set of adorable mindfulness coloring in postcards. I’ve really wanting to get into the coloring book thing that trended last year as I’ve heard so many good things about them and how its really helped people clear their heads. My best friend swears by doing them before bed - As one of my new years resolutions is to try and sleep more and learn to switch off in the evenings I thought these would be the perfect thing to try out!

So there you go there are a bunch of new things that I picked up to refresh my home and my mind for the New Year to come! As TK Maxx stock varies from store to store it’s hard to say what might or might not be in stock in your local one. However they are always refreshing their stock so it’s definitely worth a good ol’ rummage!


2016 - Realising Stuff

Monday, January 02, 2017

Twenty Sixteen.
Twenty Bloody Sixteen.

What a year eh?

I know so many people have been lamenting about 2016 being the worst thing ever and you dont even have to question me on the fact theres been so many awful things happening this year that I wouldn’t even know where to start writing them down. Sometimes I dread opening my Twitter in the morning just to see whats going on and I’ve had more dead celebrity news notifications I’ve become pretty numb to it all.

We all had a good chuckle when Kylie Jenner said 2016 was about realising stuff, but damn even though it sounds dumb as hell for me it really was about... realising... stuff.

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year that this year was about me, sorting myself out and working on myself on a emotional level. I was allowed to choose my own path, I was allowed to do my own thing and I was allowed to not be so hard on myself. I’d been through some pretty traumatic years leading up to this point and it was about time I let myself feel the feelings that I was avoiding so much up to this point and just you know… let myself deal with them.

Selfishness is a very common theme in my life, and its something I’d like to work on but I also think its part of my own sense of self. I know that I lack empathy a lot of the time and often i’d only ever think about myself and how I feel or what I wanted to do and not about how others might feel too. That had all squished up into a big ball of nothingness - But mainly how different from I thought I felt was compared to how I actually felt. I’d repressed so much of my life for so long that I didn’t quite know where I was supposed to be, who I wanted to be and where I was actually going. Being a super self aware person is something that I dont know if its a good or a bad thing.

Fighting through the feelings of guilt and unrest for not doing things that I felt I should do was the theme of the latter half of 2016 and that really put me in a strange ol’ headspace. I’ve never been a career focused person, but now I sort of hate the fact I'm not career driven. Despite it being something that I’d not really cared too much about before, it’s something that I'm learning to embrace and its about time I kicked it up a notch. I want to feel like I'm doing well again and that's going to be a huge theme for me going into the new year. I dont really like to set goals but I do have enough self belief that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and it’s about time I did exactly that. I love creating so much but Youtube can often feel formulaic as there's a certain look or feel videos have to have to do well or be popular these days. But I need to get over that feeling of making stuff in a certain way to appeal to certain audiences and just create without feeling restricted by a platform. I think I need to get back into the mindset of “is this video something I’d watch”.

However I do feel like this year was the year I stopped focusing on my online life and lived my real one. I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now, which in internet years makes me an OAP. I’ve seen the landscape change so dramatically over the years I’d had periods of wondering if there is still a place for me on the internet. I’ve never really cared about numbers but I what do care about being useful and having something to offer. And while showing a bunch of clothes you bought on the internet doesn’t sound like it’s helpful hearing peoples stories about how they bought something I suggested in a video and they got compliments on it makes me feel good. I want to make that a huge focus for me going forward and focus on being helpful rather than adhering to some unwritten rule book.

When i lived in London I felt like I lived so much of my life online. Everything I did was a blog post or something I could post on my social media. My camera or phone barely left my hand at any point. I felt like a lot of the time I stopped living the moment and started living for the insta. Since moving to Brighton and meeting people who aren’t all about social media I realised that their is life beyond what you see on your iPhone screen. And as much as I love my pals from London dont get me wrong (I still love you so much if you read this!), I’d just started to presume that was the norm, and was what everyone did. My life had been warped so much by seeing all these people living their best lives all the time I felt like I’d lost touch with actual irl people. I think its the creator's prerogative if they choose to portray their life in a certain way they see fit online but with my refreshed look on life I started to sort of resent it.

I found it really interesting on one of my trips to my parents earlier this year and took some time to look at my good friends from home’s social media and it was interesting that some of them their last Instagram was posted 14 weeks ago. Where as I get guilty if I dont post on Instagram for a few days let alone a few weeks. Not that anyone notices or cares if I do or dont post apart from me, but that was a mindset I'd drilled into myself. But on the flip side I started realising as I was going through my own feed I never talked about my friends or posted photos of the things I did because for some reason I was so wrapped up in keeping my life to myself. Like I’d become so protective of something that really didn’t need protecting at all. I was just being selfish and choosing not to share things because… I dont know. I never really worked out why I didn’t and it sort of makes me sad I haven't captured as many memories in photo form due to my own stubbornness. 

As you can tell from my jumbled attempt at getting some feelings typed out (?) was just so inside my head about my life at this time. But the weirdest part about all this swimming inside my head, I was actually pretty happy and overall pretty content. I dont think I had a bad year in the slightest, it was a year I really worked out who I was, what I needed in my life and accepted a lot of things. I did some awesome things and met some amazing friends. I smiled and laughed a lot. I travelled and holiday-ed and most importantly had fun. And what's life without having fun?

I regret nothing about the last year of my life and although it wasn’t a perfect one it was good. It was about healing and dealing with stuff that I put off while all the time rebuilding my life and working out what I want to do going forward. And do I have the answer to the question “what do you want to do next” yet? Hell no! But am I in a place where it’s the right time to start figuring it out without making a knee jerk reaction to protect myself. Yup. 

I always think you shouldn't wait till New Year to change yourself if you truly want to, does it really have a huge difference in feelings between the 31st December and the 1st January - Not really. But I think it's always good to draw a metaphorical line under it all and start a new part in your life. Never let anyone dictate to you how you should or shouldn't feel or how you should express yourself. Live your best life the way you see fit and eventually, it will just all fall into place.

So in all, Im excited about whats to come in 2017. Im sure there will be a lot more darkness and unrest in the world but I think it’s okay sometimes to live in your little bubble of self care and be allowed to feel the things you feel. Figuring yourself out is the hardest part of life and something I think we all seek answers too very quickly as it feels like everyone else has got their life in check when you aren’t quite there yet. Being in control about your own destiny is the best feeling ever and it's so easy to take it for granted. 


Christmas Jumper Time!

Friday, December 16, 2016


boon set me a challenge to find myself a Christmas Sweater and use the virtual Boon card via my iPhone to purchase my items. As someone who is a little bit of a festive jumper enthusiast I was genuinely a little bit too excited about the about the idea of this. 

However I was actually a little trickier than I imagined to find Christmas jumpers this year! Normally the shops are filled with tacky, ott Christmas jumpers this time of hear - which is my personal favourite type of novelty jumper. Give me a sweet pun or a pop culture reference and throw in some sequins and glitter and I'll be buying that jumper immediately. None the less  I ended up settling on two different ones that I found on a very drizzly wander around Brighton which was delightfully peppered with Christmas lights and the content reminder that I really should get on with my Christmas gift shopping.

boon is a virtual card that can be added to your Apple Wallet via your iPhone so you can pay for your shopping with a single tap. Pretty much all shops take contactless payments - if you didn't know you can use Apple Pay with all contactless card terminals - you don't actually need a physical card. Therefore you can pay directly with your iPhone, which if you're like me that's never very far from your hand. Just hold your phone near the reader and hover over the home button till the Wallet pop up, a little ding and it's  done. It's a super simple way of paying for your shopping with absolutely minimal effort, you don't even have to dig through your bag for your card. Plus it's also handy if you need to stick to a budget while on shopping trip, you can top up with certain amount of money. I like it because it's really useful knowing how much you have left in your budget in real time as well as having easy access to the transactions you have made just by looking at the app. The simple interface and no faff usage is a massive plus for me. 

As I said I settled on two different jumpers - one was from Pull and Bear which has quickly become one of my favourite shops. It's quite quirky in a simple way and I really like that about them. I picked this cartoony tinsel strewn red jumper because I thought it was just the right mix of cute and ugly without being ironically ugly. Just a nice balance. 

The other jumper I picked up was this one from H&M. When I saw it on the rail I genuinely thought it was two different jumpers, until I saw someone fiddling with it and realised it was some sort of weird sequin reversible type deal which I'd never seen before.  So on one side it says HoHoHo and the other it says NoNoNo. Ideal for anyone who is still indecisive if they are a Scrooge or a Christmas enthusiast. It's also pretty sweet that you that I could probably get away with wearing a No! No! No! Jumper at a non Christmassy time but then also secretly have some festive spirit hiding away on the underside of some sequins. I thought it was super cool approach to a Christmas jumper so I had to pick it up. 

Remember to head over to the boon Facebook to enter their Secret Santa contest so you can win some Boon credit to spend on whatever to fancy! You can download the boon app here and set yourself up with a virtual card in minutes. 

This post is sponsored by boon, but sll thoughts are my own.
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