Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to Shop for Vintage Clothes

how to vintage shop
how to thrift shop
what to buy vintage

I always think the simplest way to get a super cool outfit is to mix old and new. Create a balance between new things and things you may have had for years or sourced from a thrift/vintage shop.

I don’t always find vintage shopping that easy, Sometimes I don’t like rummaging all that much. None the less I’ve been sporting a few vintage items as of late thanks to a few vintage sales, snooping the rails at Beyond Retro and my local charity shops.

For todays post I thought I’d share some of my top tips on how to shop smart at the thrift shop.

Check Labels
My mum once picked up a real Burberry Trench coat from a local charity shop after it’s owner discarded it. Granted it was about £40 which is “expensive” for a charity shop but HELLO… real Burberry for way less that retail. Always check the labels for designer brands - the 80’s and 90’s are so in right now and a lot of the collections currently out are throwbacks to those eras. Perfect for thrift shop gold.

Avoid basics
No body wants a grotty old second hand plain tee. When vintage shopping always look for key and unique pieces that make a statement. Keep your peepers out for loud prints, stylish embellishments and floral detailing. All of these are on trend and worth looking for when on the prowl for vintage gems.

Old Bag’s
Bags are a great find vintage shopping. All of the high-street at the moment are vintage inspired bags that have been made to look like they are really old. Why not go for a rummage and get something truly vintage! Again check the labels as you never know what you might come across.

The beauty of vintage shopping is that your going to have something no one else will have. The sly smugness when someone asks where and item is from and you get to say “oh it’s vintage” is almost as satirising as telling someone something is from Primark and seeing their shocked expression. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It Bag: The Satchel

new look satchel
new look satchel

Satchels have come back in a big way recently. As The ultimate cool girl accessory in the summer due to it's easy breezy carefree feel. I think it's also one of the key trends that can cross over into winter. No longer reserved for nerds and school girls they have become the status symbol of the fash pack and everyone is wearing them. Practical and super cute every winter wardrobe should have one of the off the shoulder carry alls. It's the most functional bag you will ever use. Roomy, structured and timeless they are spacious enough to carry around everything you could possibly need.

My favourite satchel style bag at the moment is this triple toned one from New Look. Featuring black, grey and oxblood style panels to create a sleek chic on trend look. Oxblood is definitely the colour of A/W 2014 and in a really cool textured croc style print it's one not to be missed out on. Featuring both a long strap and a top handle for multi functionality, This bag is sure to keep you organised and sophisticated this winter. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

current fashion must haves

what to wear in november
what to wear in november
what to wear in november
what to wear in november
what to wear in november

Filmed by Mandy 
Edited by Me

Topshop Boots (similar  here)

I thought about making this little video a few weeks ago with the help of my awesome pal Mandy and it’s finally come together. It’s been stuck in my “to edit” folder for so long now but Im super happy with how it all came together in the end!

My ideas was to do a sort of must have list of items mixed with my favourite items from the previous month. It's quite a little over view of the things I've been wearing most in the last month as well as some essentials for any pre-winter wardrobe!

I really hope you enjoy the video and if you did, please head over to my Youtube page and give it a big thumbs up! It would make me a very happy girl! Remember to subscribe to my channel if you havent already. Im so close to 150k I can almost taste it, All the items are linked above too for easy shopping

Let me know if you'd like to see more of these monthly must have videos (:

Monday, October 27, 2014

off the wall

uk fashion blogger
british fashion blogs
best uk fashion bloggers
cambodian market vest (similar here)

These snaps are from a shoot me and Jon did towards the end of the summer. Although Im still heavily resisting tights I may have caved in and wore some today. My "Vans" vest was from some suprisingly not dodgy looking market when I was in Cambodia when I was trying to use up my remaining dollars and buy myself a few bits and bobs to look back on my trip with. I ended up with a Vans vest, three pairs of Elephant pants and some questionable looking statutes of Buddah.

Im curently experiancing some of the worst post holiday blues ever. I spent most of the summer travelling and from the end of May to until the beginning of October I barely spent more than a week with my feet on UK soil. Im starting to feel sad and itching to get away from the UK again...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

some truths about being a full time blogger

Isn’t it awesome that we live in an age where absolutely anyone could start a blog, an online jewellery shop, magazine, YouTube channel, clothing company or whatever and potentially turn that into a job? Thanks to the internet we’ve opened up a ton of homegrown careers all by young, creative and talented people. I think it’s easy to forget that all these types of opportunities simply weren’t around when our parents were around and not to mention our grandparents. It's new and exciting, but also comes with a new set of challenges to overcome.

Being an entrepreneur or freelance in any industry is a challenge no matter if it's new media or plumbing. I think the majority of people if given the chance would love to be their own boss. Then again all my friends think I just sit around all day in my onesie twiddling my thumbs all day dancing to Fleetwood Mac... Well, sometimes. None the less the reality of working full time for yourself is hard. Often it comes with risks and can be incredibly demanding. But on the other hand it can be the most exciting and liberating career moves. There is also no rule book when it comes to trail blazing a brand new career for yourself and there are so many things you learn along the way.

Today I thought I’d share with you some of the things I've learnt about the not so great part of being part of the young self employed revolution.

Money Money Money.
When you’re working for yourself, you will find the money one of your main concerns. You’re responsible for it all.  From getting the sales, drumming up business and the output. Be prepared not to be paid sometimes. Seriously. Ive been waiting on a hefty invoice of a well known phone brand that I have worked with over Fashion Week since February 2014. Numerous emails and even a phone call (or ten)  and nothing. I’ll keep pestering away, but who knows if it’ll come through. Often some months all my invoices will come in and others none do. Although it’s pretty awesome fuelling your own earnings -the single most frustrating thing not knowing how much income you’ll be expecting and having no constant salary to fall back on.

Flexibility & Freedom
Being freelance is so liberating when it comes to having freedom and flexibility. You have no one to tell you and you rarely have deadlines and can work any time of the day you want.  But sometimes I’ll work from the second I wake up till the second I fall asleep at my laptop others I’ll work for a few hours a day. Having my own daily timetable means I can manage my time in the best way for me. I like being able to turn down projects and pick ones I do want to do, rather than things being lumped on me.

The Fear
I rarely take time off because I’m always constantly thinking about my blog.  I know it's silly, but this is my job and I need to keep it ticking over as there is no one else here to do it. I can’t think of a day in the last 5 years where I haven’t looked at some form of social media or reloaded my blog. I find switching off or going on holiday one of the hardest things to do because there is always something to be done. Even though I've been organised and pre-written posts to cover a holiday not being able to check on it’s progress worries me more than it should. Another thing I worry about being my own boss is that I have no “formal” skills (although I do have a degree in Graphic Design), I don’t get sick pay and I also worry that one day it could come crashing down around me.

I’m so grateful that my friends and family now understand the risk I took to get to where I did today. I’d be lying if  I said my parents were  happy when I told them I packed in the day job to pursue this unknown career. While they are both supportive now, they did have their reservations. As my working hours are all over the place I find keeping my social life in check incredibly hard. I’ve come home from night outs early, turned down dates in favour of events and cancelled plans to edit videos. I’ve spent weekends holed up in my bedroom writing when I could have been living my life like the rest of my friends who do 9-5. Maintaining a social life is SO important when working for yourself, but it is incredibly hard in practice. Another thing to note is that because I don’t go into an office every day I often feel very isolated. 5 days a week my housemates aren’t in during the day so I have no one to talk to all day. There is no one to bounce ideas off or have lunch with. It’s surprisingly lonely even working within such a social industry.

Anyway those are a few of my home truths I learnt when I decided to take the leap into being self employed. Obviously my Buzzfeed style title says this is all about blogging but it applies for everyone who is self employed really. Saying that these things makes me realise that the positives do out weight all the negativity working for myself. I feel like I have one of the most rewarding and forfilling day jobs a girl could dream of and Im so blessed to be able to do the things I do!
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