Wednesday, October 01, 2014

mastering the instagram shoe selfie

how to instagram shoes
 instagram shoe selfie
tips on instagram shoes selfie

The shoe selfie has rose to popularity over the last year all so, while always a classic in blogging scenes more and more of us are wanting to share #fromwhereistand "Shoefie". Shoe selfies are all about showing off your excellent choice of footwear, a snazzy location, awesome travelling locations and other adorable things from above. Today I’m sharing a few of my top tips from the above selfie, guaranteed to get people double tapping!

Awkward but my number 1 tip is to stick your butt out. A sneaky way to make your legs look leaner and longer due to it being a more flattering angle. While not the most ladylike of poses it's a shoe-in for making the best of your legs! Find the pose that makes your legs look the best - For me this is the way I get the most flattering look is if I stick my butt out and shoot from around my belly button downwards

Location, Location, Location! Location-wise is all about picking something that adds a little bit of visual interest to an image. Think about cool floor tiles, bricks or patterned rugs. As it’s Fall - dry, crispy orange leaves on the ground add a lovely seasonal feel to an image. Plus, they contrast so well with your new brown boots! I like to take shoe selfies when I go on trips to have a consistent way of documenting all the new and unique places I visit.

Accessorise - Add a cute bag, drinks bottle or whatever you fancy into shot to add even more colour and interest. A furry friend on the ground is also a sweet little addition! (I’m almost 90% more likely to like an image if it contains a cute pet!)

I always think about the shoe's first, then the perfect location second! At the end of the day, it’s all about the shoes- We are doing shoefie’s after all! Showcase your favourite, fanciest and most on trend footwear for the world to see in all its glory.

Tag your images! I always tag the name of the shop the shoe came from in the “Tag people” part of the image. This also means anyone who see’s the shoe can see where its from with ease! It saves having to answer the question “where are they from?” over and over again! I also think it's quite nice to geotag shoe images so you know where they are taken to look back on. Don't forget to use the all important #fromwhereistand tag too!

I hope that has helped anyone looking to master the technique! I personally love a good shoe selfie, it says so much but is so simple at the same time. Let me know if you have any other tips and tricks up your sleeve for this type of shot. And don't forget to check me out or follow me on Instagram to see more of my pictures (:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

how to wear leopard print

river island coat

It's been a print of choice for me ever since the emo days, but one that I think is still hard to style. A little goes a long way with the fur inspired look. I like to keep the flashes of print minimal, but with maximum impact. For an edgier look I've paired a simple leather pleated with a furry leopard jumper from River Island. Before you wince at the fact I'm wearing both leather and leopard print I styled it down it down with a big oversized camel trench coat. This way it doesn't look as garish or in your face. A ladylike bag in the form of my & Other Stories shopper and it's the perfect take on the modern mod look. A little nod to the 60's without looking like Bet Lynch!

Monday, September 29, 2014

whats in my bag 2014

whats in my bag 2014
whats in my autumn bag
& other stories bag

Getting back into the Youtube swing of things I decided to go back to the original Youtube Tag and do the Whats in My Bag Tag. It's also an excuse to show off my brand new & Other Stories purse that has barely left the crook of my arm since I purchased it a few weeks ago. It just simply goes with every single thing I own.

It's a flap bag with a bit of a twist as it has an unusual cut out square front flap. It means that I can pop stuff in the outer pocket without having to open the whole bag. Very handy for popping my oyster card and debit card in! It's just the right size to tote around all my daily junk (see video for those deets) with room for a few extras that I chuck in. 

Head over to my channel for all the relevant links and bits and bobs (while you're there fancy giving it a thumbs up?) And remember to subscribe if you havent already! Let me know if there are any other videos you'd like to see with me in over the next few weeks and I'll see what I can do!

W London Hotel - Review

The W London Hotel - Review

Sunday, September 28, 2014

how to move on with your life

moving on
how to move on in your life

Moving on with things is easier said than done. I think moving on in life comes in stages and over time gets easier, but you do have to make those positive steps towards moving forward. You can’t stay sad about that guy anymore, you can't stay knocked back from not getting your dream job and you can’t keep stressing out over a toxic friendship forever can you?

Step back & Breathe
Breathe. Take a big deep breath and relax. It’s one of the simplest ways to move on. Take a step back and just relax your mind. Taking some time to clear your head is the most important things to help you This could take a few minutes or a few hours to a few days - whatever it takes. Take as long as you need. There's no rush is there?

Let it Go
Delete all those messages, emails and photos that are holding your back. Let go of all the memories that are making you dwell on your negative past. Don’t hold on to things that could potentially make you sad because it can trigger old feelings you want to move away from. The main thing is you need to keep going and stop looking back at the past. You are the most important thing in your life and you have the ability to remove anything that’s unwanted from your mind.

Accept your past. Accept your mistakes. Accept the pain. Remind yourself things are going to be okay and you are strong enough to get through this. Realising that everything happens for a reason and you can't change the past is a really strong war to help you move on. Life isn’t always under our control, just acknowledge it happened and there is nothing you can do about it.

Try Something new
Break out of your day to day routine and find something new to enjoy. Find something new that inspires you or makes you feel like you. Pursue something you’ve never done before and explore places you’ve never been. I promise you the best way to move on is to distract yourself and put yourself in new situations. You might shock yourself how well you adapt to new situations.

Live your life
Life is way too short to dwell on the negatives. Live every moment like it’s your last and do whatever makes YOU happy. You don’t have to go crazy and go off the rails just do the little things that make you feel better. Enjoy time with people you love rather than thinking about what happened before.

It’s taken me over a year to get over an upsetting situation and I did have those helpless moments where I was telling myself I’d never meet someone new and I’d never be happy. But now I’ve moved on and I’ve never been happier. The key to moving on is letting it take time. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and your whole attitude on life is going to change. You just have to commit to actually letting yourself move forward. Take those steps forward and begin the journey to improving your own life. I hope this has helped you consider a few things and make you think “yeah, this makes sense" How will you move forward today? 

Friday, September 26, 2014

A surprising September shoe

new look white patent chunky cut out sandals

Admittedly, right now I can’t stop buying shoes. Shoes never really tickled my fancy until this year when I became obsessed with the wonderful things. I’ve gone from having the most slimline shoedrobe ever to something that rivals Kim K. Well maybe not that much!

The latest addition to the lineup are these oh so cute white patent Mary Janes. New Look shoes are on point. They have one of the best selections of on trend shoes on the highstreet. Affordable, stylish and have something to suit everyone. These darling little shoes came in at a purse friendly £25 and I’ve barely taken them of my feet. Boots are great n’all but sometimes I crave a girlier, daintier shoe. Mannish shoes are all the rage right now but there is something classic and timeless about these. I del the 60’s/70’s vibe with a touch of rock n roll mod to them.

While cut out T bar sandals might not the the first choice when it comes to autumnal footwear they have slid right into place within my September wardrobe. They are a nice bridge between the summer sandal and the winter boot. Oh andiIf white isn’t your thing then they also come in black and burgundy (I may have to purchase the latter).

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