Thursday, November 27, 2014

How to Make Cheap Clothes look Expensive

how to make cheap clothes look expensive
how to make cheap clothes look expensive

How smug on a scale from 1-10 do you feel when you utter the words “oh this thing? it’s from Primark”. Watch the spread of envy over your complimenters face within seconds and bask in the glory of your bargain hunting. Trust me we’ve all been there. However there is an art to perfecting making cheap clothes chic. Today I thought I’d share a few of my tips to help you make the most of your most barganious items!

Things as simple as buying some new buttons to sew onto a coat in place of the ugly ones that it came with to throwing away the ugly plastic belt that came with the dress. Those things can instantly cheapen the way and outfit looks and a few little easy customisations can totally change the way a garmet looks. Swap the freebies that cheapen a garmet and add your own elements to create your own looks.

Make sure it fits
Honestly, one of the thing thats gives away cheaper items instantly is something thats ill fitting and doesnt suit you. Pay those extra few pounds to get pieces that fit you in all the right places if they dont fit leave them or consider getting them tailored to suit.

Logo no go
Now going back to my Primark point from earlier the key is to not buy things that are obviously branded. Ignore things are emblazoned with cheap looking logo’s is the number 1 rule. Avoiding logos and obvious branding keeps things looking understated and not too in your face. And whatever you do don’t try and pass something off as real when it’s a knock off. You aren’t fooling anybody and just making yourself look like a fool. If you don’t have the budget for more expensive items seek out designer inspired highstreet items.

The best way to jazz up inexpensive items is to add some kick ass accessories. Adding some carefully selected jewellery can really elevate a whole look and take it from something boring to something really special. Add a statement necklace and some heels to a simple jeans and white tee combo and you have a perfect going out outfit. But at the same time avoid cheap looking jewellery. Ghastly oversized gemstones and overly yellow gold jewellery can look tacky so try and keep things minimal and classic.

Check how it’s made
When I’m bargain-hunting and see something I love, the first thing I look at are the buttons and zippers. Even cheap clothes should have sturdy workmanship, or you’ll risk ruined clothes, fallen hems, and loose threads. Something that looks poorly made runs the likely hood of it looking cheap.

Don’t let having a small budget for clothing make you feel like you aren’t stylish! Style isn’t something that can be bought. If you have a £10 or £10,000 budget for clothing it’s what you do with that not.

Pay attention to the details, invest in classic basics and choose things you know are going to last rather than just because they are cheap!

Let me know if you have any other tips on making cheap clothes look more expensive! Would love to know your thoughts!

The best black friday fashion deals

best black friday codes uk
uk black friday cyber monday

So... Black Friday is a thing now. For those who aren't aware Black Friday is a shopping event that is huge in the US which comes directly after Thanksgiving and is basically the biggest shopping day of the year. I thought I'd round up the top UK fashion retaillers Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for y'all to have at your fingertips.


River Island : 20% EVERYTHING (11am-3pm) CODE: TREAT28 (link)

Missguided : 20% off DATE: 11.27-12.01 CODE: CYBER20 (link)

Topshop : up to 50% off + free worldwide shipping (link)

All Saints: 20% off all styles DATE: 11.28-12.01 CODE: CYBER (link)

OFFICE Shoes: 20% off all styles + free shipping CODE: SNOW (link)

Romwe: Up to $30 off CODE: CYBERMONDAY15 (link)

Urban Outfitters: up to 50% off + free shipping DATE: 11.28 CODE: BFDELIVERY (link)

New Look: up to 50% off selected links NO CODE (link)

Whistles : 30% of sitewide (link)

Most of these codes will work from 12am Friday 28th November til  23:59 Sunday 30th November although some do carry onto Cyber Monday so use them sooner rather than later to make sure you get your deal in! Treat yourself to that pair of shoes you've been pining over! ITS A DEAL!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Changes @ ASOS

new asos packaging
asos packaging
asos clothing
asos bootsasos postage and packaging

If you’re anything like me and somewhat more familiar with your postman than you’re neighbours then this might be of interest to you. Every ones favourite multibrand retailer are switching up their packaging. I was offered a sneak peek at the bags as well as the chnce to pick a few goodies from their current stock.

I order from ASOS on a weekly basis (no shame, ASOS Premier is the ONE) and their silver bags seem to litter my bedroom more than I care to admit. ASOS are currently upping their packaging game and are in the process of switching out all their old packaging for shiny new ones. The pattern sort of reminds me of those composition notebook patterns

I picked few new things from their current selection to see their new packaging first hand. First up - A army style coat which I'd had my eye on for ages but never actually indulged in. I AM SO HAPPY WITH IT. Seriously one of my favourite coats I've got all year. Slouchy, menswear inspired and super military chic. I absolutely love it! I then choose a high necked dress which is also amazing. So flattering and retro and the thick knit fabric is perfect for the cooler months. I also picked a pair of boots called "Enter the Dragon" No idea why they are called that but they are off black leather boots (actually v. similar to my Vagabonds, but with a lower heel) that have a cool white stitch detail around the sole. I think they are so cute and perfect for the winter. Especially now my Vagabonds are on their last legs!

I know it’s a little silly to be excited about the bag your ASOS garmz come in but it’s a cool modern change for the brand that is seriously going up and up. Overall a pretty cool new rebrand for the ASOS Packaging. Much better than the brown cardboard boxes and simple silver packages!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

you'll never know

I absolutely love these shots Jon took of me a few weeks ago (clearly pre fringe!) We'd gone on a little jaunt in my new car (Have I even mentioned I have a new car on here?) and spotted a nice little spot to have a mini shoot. This was around the Clapham Old Town area which has loads of lovely big houses which I'd absolutely love to live in at some point... a girl can dream! I absolutely adore this check coat, although I seem to have more coats in my winter wardrobe than I have fingers  I just cant seem to get enough of them! The justification for this one was there was a 30% off coats thing on at ASOS! Ooops!

The contrast of a bright red plaid coat with already established my winter uniform (leather skirts, oversized fluffy jumpers and boots) is the simplest way of getting a cool girl look with minimal fuss. Keep the rest of the items neutral for a cosy and chic look.
PS. For a cheeky bonus snap check this one out of me. Sometimes I like to make faces inbetween snaps just to see if Jon notices. I think this might be his favourite ever.

Photos by Jon D Barker
Edited by Lily Melrose
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Things I Bought In November

december haul
december haul
december haul
december haul

I feel like all I've made on my channel recently are haul videos! I really think I've been on a proper spending spree the past two months and now it's slowly edging towards December I think it's time to put myself on a spending ban. So maybe this will be my last big splurge before gift giving season comes! Im pretty excited about it as I love giving gifts and have a decent idea of what Im getting everyone so far this year. I might even do a gift guide or two... and maybe pick myself out a present too!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

what would suki do?

suki waterhouse fringe
suki waterhouse fringe
suki waterhouse fringe

Suki Waterhouse became my hairsipiration earlier in the year and I've been pining after her signature fringe for so long. While I did get the chop in the front earlier in the year I left it to grow out without looking back. Fast forward a gloomy November day and I headed over to my local hairdresser to get it nipped back in. Im really happy with it (: Perfect rock n'roll bedhead kinda look that just fits so well with my day to day style. I keep waking up with the most ridiculous looking stuck up fringe but hey, it's worth it!

My weekend has been odd and I'll tell you about it soon but my life is a bit crazy right now. I have a major project coming to an end and Im also off to Berlin for one night this week. I've already written my blog content for the week as I just have so much to do. While I relish these busy periods in my life I often feel the need to be kinder to myself and not take myself too seriously. I like to think Im a pretty laid back but hard working person but then again I'm also one of the laziest people ever. Life's a funny ol' thing.
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