onesie: primark
jumper: american apparel
hat: tesco*

... a delayed sunday post! But Hey, Im back! Well sort of! Although to be honest I haven't really gone away at all! Im the ultimate blogging lurker! I've finally set up my new laptop so I normal blogging can resume tomorrow! It took nearly six hours to transfer all my files over to my new one. Such a relief to have a laptop that actually works, my old one was just ridiculous! It was so slow and sluggish with no battery time, a broken trackpad, a dodgy space bar. In a way Im glad it bit the dust but my credit card is not happy with me at all. I opted to get the 13" Macbook Air as Im doing a load of travelling over the next few months so I'll need something lighter and travel friendly!

Not much has happened over the past few days to update you on though! Ive spent far too much money in MAC over the past few days, Shop MAC Cook MAC has my favourite collection in the last few months. Im also off to a amazing event tomorrow for Juicy Couture and Fifi Lapin which I'm so excited about, and then its the Company magazine blog awards on Wednesday! Fingers crossed! But yeah back on it tomorrow! Really positive about blogging again after my blogging break, I think sometimes its nice to step back and start a fresh!