dress: topshop
shoes: primark
necklace: river island*
bag: H&M 
nails: la colours white and topshop nail tattoos (review here)

This is the Topshop Boutique dress that I wore when I went to Fashion Week but you couldn't really see it. Like I said when I posted my LFW outfits it was definitely one of my more extravagant purchases over the last few months. The idea of spending £75 on a glorified t-shirt (it is silk, hence the price tag, well and its Topshop so what do you expect!) makes me feel a little bit sick, but alas I have worn it a lot since I bought it. Its one of those items that can be styled up or down and for loads of different occasions. The silkiness makes me terrified of spilling anything on it, I called my Mum in a panic last night as I have no idea if I could wash it, before reading the label and seeing its dry clean only!

I don't really know the dress code for tonight as it doesn't say on the invite so Im just wearing something casual but also dressy depending on how you look at it! Im going to wear my leather jacket with it as its a little nippy in London today. Im not a big fan of getting my legs out (unless I've drank too much), I really REALLY hate my knees! But I decided to go bare legged as I think it suits the dress a bit better than it did with tights, and theres no way you'll be seeing me in those beige tights!

Fingers crossed to everyone nominated!

EDIT: This was scheduled but it didn't post! But I ended up winning Best Blog for High Street Lovers! I can't actually believe it! Im so happy! I was exhausted and could hardly talk as I was so overwhelmed and  i haven't slept in days so I was struggling to string a sentence together! But yeah! Thank you so much if you voted for me!
PS. A lot of people asked about the makeup in my last post, so I posted a "FOTD" of it on ETCLLYMLRS with all the products I used! Also, I did my hair with the Enrapture Totem Styler, Which I have a review ready to go up in a few days!