dress: asos
gilet: forever 21
necklace: forever 21
watch: swatch
bracelet: black-tied *
shoes: asos*

Yesterday was a bit intense! I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open (I have insomnia, and its really bad at the moment!) so I'd say 99% of the night I was completely out of it! I couldn't schmooze or put into words how I felt about winning the award.  Thankfully I wasn't asked to give a speech as Im sure it would have been complete gibberish! However, Thank you to everyone who's said congratulations to me and wished me well, it means so much to me to be recognised as one of the best high street style blogger. I remember when I first started reading blogs and there were all these girls who were spending hundreds of pounds on dresses/shoes/bags that I couldn't only dream of buying. As I've grown up I've been a bit more willing to part with my cash to buy designer things, but I've always been a high street girl. When I first started blogging high street fashion wasn't as prominent on blogs as it is now. Its amazing seeing the diversity and different styling of the most basic high street items.Im now in a position where I can hail all the amazing brands on the high street and not worry about fitting in with the "blogger norm". The title fits my blog perfectly and Im so flattered to be recognised for it as its what I've always wanted my blog to be about. Obtainable, relatable and realistic representation of what a average girl on the street wears! I don't say it enough (I always say this ) but I am grateful that you choose to follow my blog and support me, it really does mean more than I can put into words. I never expected my blog to be as big as it is or become something that has changed my life so much.

Onto the outfit... Today Im wearing this to go to a few events and then for some drinks. I wanted something casual but suitable to go out for drinks in. The pink dress is another recent ASOS purchase, I wasn't going to keep it at first but when I pulled it out of the packaging I accidentally smooshed it against my bright neon pink lips (MAC Impassioned- Review soon!) so it had a big kiss mark on it! Whoops! Oh well. I do like it even though I would have sized down on reflection!