001. I graduate this week, super excited to get that all done and dusted! Sometimes I feel like my life is painfully boring and then it can go from super dull to awesome in a matter of days. I need to see Harry Potter at some point #unpopularopinion but I'm not really that much of a HP fan, I mean I can watch it, I think its quite good, thats cool but Im not like ZOMGPOTTER. I read the books and stuff when I was younger and the race to finish the book was like the ultimate in coolness.

002. Plans are finally getting in motion for me moving, Im HOPEFULLY viewing some places next Saturday, I really hope some place nice comes up as I really want to move down like NOW. I'm also hopefully (again no solid plans!?!) going to be in Brighton next weekend visiting friends. I was planning on going to the Midlands Blogger meet up but I cant make it anymore as I've overbooked myself ): This is why I need a new diary!

003. Yesterday I went to a Herbal Essences event at The Crazy Bears Club, Me and a host of lovely bloggers (I can confirm everyone I met is lovely in real life!) all were treated so some absolutely yum food & cocktails. With loads of chit chat about the ins and outs of blogging & just general life! Its really lovely meeting bloggers in real life, its funny because despite not meeting people before you kinda "know" them already if you get me!

004. And I know not blog related but I CANNOT wait to watch Money in the Bank WWE Pay Per View tonight, Seriously love pro wrestling so much. I think alot of people think I'm really simple and only like fashion, but I've said before on here I'd rather go to Wrestlemania over Fashion Week any day! I have so many other interests that I don't show on the blog, I love crime (especially serial killers and mobsters!) and history (especially the darkerside of society). I'm super interested in conspiracy theories and love watching really bad and pointless American TV shows. I wouldn't even say "fashion" is my main interest either! I love the social networking side of blogging more than the content!

005. I have decided I'm going to start posting on my ETC LLYMLRS blog, despite the fact I've not posted anything on it properly before it has 11 followers haha! Its probably going to be a bit more a insight into "behind" the clothes (not undies, perv's!). I'm hoping to post things like events I go to, bit about products I use, reviews, thoughts on items I buy, in depth looks at things, wishlists, items I want, photos of things I do. Like I'm always asked about things like my hair (don't brush your hair, backcomb it and clip it up at the side!) and or my makeup (still use all the things mentioned in this post!) But am reluctant to post about them here because I want to keep my blog focused on what its supposed to be about, clothing! I'll get a post up tomorrow on it & redo the header and maybe the background to give it a different identity to this blog! and no the blog wont be on wrestling, despite how much I'd like to write one ;) So go ahead and follow if you wanna see more of that stuff!