skirt: romwe
necklace: forever 21
belt: topshop (i bought it when i was like 15?)

So alot of things are going on behind the scenes at the blog at the moment, I cant really talk about all of them yet as they aren't 100% sorted and finalized, but I just wanted to share that I'm now interning at Motel! I'm working as a "Social Media Assistant" and I'm running their Twitter & Tumblr pages, it would be great if you could all go follow to help me out a bit! If you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see just let me know! I'm going to be doing a fashion Q&A session on the Motel Twitter soon so you can ask me anything to do with styling and how to wear things and I can help you out! I'm super excited about working with Motel and so grateful for the opportunity!

Anyway, the outfit. I think this completely sums up the way I like to dress. A little bit girly, a little bit dark. I like the whole soft/hard contrast between pink and black at the moment so its pretty much my go to look! Off to London tomorrow to a Herbal Essences event, must start detangling my hair in preparation! Really looking forward to meeting some bloggers, alot that are going are ones I've not met before, so Im super keen!