shirt: H&M
skirt: H&M
blazer: river island
nails: models own top turquoise
rings: jwlry

Today has been nice, something about staying indoors when the weathers bad and just sitting down, going through some of your fave blogs, drinking a few cups of tea and generally chilling. My brother also locked me in the house so I have a bit of cabin fever, although I havent decided to jump out the window yet so it cant be all bad!

Just wore this off white shirt, bandage skirt & blazer, maybe a little dressy for doing nothing in, but when have I ever stuck to the rules! I've hardly bought any clothes this month,  I just sort of don't like anything enough to spend my money on things. The only thing I desperately want is this tunic in black so I'm holding out for Topshop to come up with the goods!

Thanks to everyone who's already followed ETC LLYMLRS, I know there's a little grumbling about having two blogs, To clear things up, I'm not giving up this blog, I'm a little unsure why people would think I would be... It would be crazy if I went and threw all the effort I've put into this one away. Its going to be the "off topic" blog, basically the  stuff that doesn't fit in with what I have going on here. I think it's gonna work so much better having the two separate ones as I know not everyone likes the more general stuff, some people just want to see clothes and the outfits! I've just a blog on there about the camera that I use.