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I've been a bit iffy about doing this sort of post because 1) I'm no makeup guru, merely a (massive!!) consumer, 2) Things that work for me may not work for you & 3) I don't want people to think I wear "too much makeup". However, Over the past few days I've been asked a few times about what makeup I wear. I'm not one to disappoint my followers, So here it goes! Disclaimer! In true me style I have edited the pictures to fit in with my blogs aesthetic! So all the colors aren't the "exact" color they are when I look at them, But like I said these are just the "basic" products I use of my face!

I wear makeup everyday. I'm not going to lie about that at all, Id also never even dream of leaving my house without my makeup. Its not because I'm insecure about the way I look I just feel that I don't look "like myself" without makeup! Does anyone else feel that way? Although my friend Greg says I look the same without makeup on, So who knows! I do vary between full makeup, just the eyes and light coverage foundation though, and no I don't wear all this stuff on my face at the same time!

Daily Makeup (Face)
Estee Lauder Double Wear (Ecru), Chanel Mat Lumiere (Clair 20), Simple Light Moisturizer, Revlon Photoready (Shell), MAC Fix +, Fyrinnae Primer, E.L.F Undereye Concealer,MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Light Medium)

I change my foundation routine very little really. I'm lucky because found foundation that really works for me. My all time favourite is Chanel Mat Lumiere, The coverage and the finish are just perfect for me! But I'm currently using Estee Lauders Double Wear, Sometimes I find it a bit too matte so use a bit of Revlon Photoready mixed with it. One pump of each, The Lauder foundation doesn't have a pump with it so I use a MAC one. I always wear MAC Mineralize Skinfinish either on its own (Layed up with Fix+ makes it have a really nice light coverage) or as a overall face setting powder! I'm NW15 in MAC for reference, But I really don't like MAC Studio Fix Fluid, it smells funny and really oxidizes on my skin and I go mega orange!

Daily Makeup (Blush)
Topshop Cream Blush (Neon Rose), E.L.F Warm Bronzer, Lacura @ Aldi Blush, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (By Candlelight), E.L.F Studio Blush (Merry Berry)

My go-to blush at the moment is Topshops Neon Rose Cream Blusher, its really easy to apply and blend in, It drys to a powdery finish. Which is very lovely if you ask me! Its a perfect summer blusher. I really like a blush I randomly picked up from Aldi, It reminds me of Nars Orgasm (R.I.P! I dropped him!) Its a little lighter in color but for a couple of pounds you cant go wrong! By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish is my favourite when I want a subtle bit of color on the cheekbones! I don't often wear bronzer, Only when I go out at night, But I really like this E.L.F one because its cheap and does the job of giving a nice glow, I occasionally use them as shadows too.

Daily Makeup (Eyes)
Maybelline False Lash Effect, Rimmel Volume Express, NYX 24 Karat Eye Pencil, NYX Velvet Eye Pencil, NYX White Pearl Pencil, MAC Paintpot (Painterly), MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack), L'oreal Carbon Superliner

L'oreal Carbon Superliner is my all time favourite liner, Ive used it non stop for about 2 years now, Probably more thinking about it now. But its just so easy to use and apply! I wear flicked eyeliner everyday so this is the quickest and easiest thing to use! Its very black too and lasts me all day! I occasionally use Blacktrack but I really don't find it "black enough"! Does anyone else have that problem with some eyeliners!? I got a job-lot of NYX liners from eBay a while ago, (Sorry cant find the link! Just search for NYX Eyeliner lot) But I think I bought about 12 for around £7. They are really great and come in SO many colors! Velvet, 24 Karat and White Pearl are my usual for my waterline! I'm a bit of a mascara tart, I always buy new ones, But False lash effect is probably my favourite of all time! OH and I ALWAYS use Painterly paint pot on my lids before shadows, sometimes on its own too!

I wear fake eyelashes most days too. I know people think that's a tad obsessive/excessive/ridiculous but I really like the way they make my eyes look. I normally use Eylure Naturalites Eyelashes (101). I use them for about a week then throw them away and get a new pair. I did post a picture on my Twitter with me wearing some ridiculously long eyelashes for jokes, and I got so much hate on my formspring! They were from a job lot I got off eBay, for 40 pairs of lashes for around £4! Those are defiantly more going out lashes rather than my usual day to day ones But I do really like them! They arent real hair so I normally use them once and throw away.

I was going to post my shadows, glosses and lipsticks, But I change those pretty much daily so I don't really have a go to eye look. I have my favourite combination but no really go-to looks! I have loads of MAC eyeshadows, and I've just started depotting them all, Ive only done my neutral palette so far! As for lipsticks I'm a sucker for NYX Round Lipsticks, I have around 30-40! I think they are about $1.25 each (Again I got a couple of job lot off ebay, I think its around £20 inc shipping for 12 so they are super affordable and have an AMAZING selection of colors!

Well this is a much longer post than I initially hoped for and has ended up as a bit of babble! But I really hope it was useful to some people! Especially those who have been asking for something like this! And if you want to know anything about anything I've talked about let me know via the comments or email and Ill try and help! Makeup isnt really something I'd like to get into on my blog. As much as I love reading makeup blogs, I do find some very repetitive and a bit bland at times! LLYMLRS is about fresh, intresting and different content, not a review of something that has been sent to everyone and then systematically reviewed on everyones blogs! No offence to people who do stuff like that, Because I do like some of them, But theres only so many Xen-Tan reviews, Those free Benefit pencils with Glamour Magazine posts and "Hauls" I can tolerate!


  1. I got a job lot of ebay too and it was fab! I always want to wear mine everyday, but I forget, how silly is that? Also if Im working an early shift at placement, I don't bother with make up, the paitents are always gonna look worse than me anyway haha! But I really liked this post! I am NC15 in mac too, but most of there foundations oxidise orange on me too!

  2. So many good products! I love double wear foundation. I wish I could wear false eyelashes but I'm always too paranoid I'll lose one or it will come loose! Ha. Xoxo

  3. Loved this :)

    There are some real idiots on formspring, like that dude who said you wear too much makeup?! How ridiculous.

    My boy says I look better without it but I'm the same as you, I don't feel like myself without it!

  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing false lashes everyday, can't please everyone so please yourself! I would also never go out without make-up on and I've been wearing liquid liner flicked out for as long as I can remember, I find alot of liners have a slight sheen to them, therefore making them not very black, I use Bodyshops liquid liner as its really black and matte! I think I might try the loreal one you've mentioned above though!

  5. I know what you mean about beauty blogs! They do become really repetitive after a while. I did one post about my make up bags contents but as that never really changes much I can't blog much more about it! Haha.

  6. I love hearing about other people's make-up routines. I'm like you - I never go out without my face on! I love that you wear false lashes every day! That's so fabulous!

    Also loving the last few sentences of your post. TOTALLY agree! :) x

  7. Awesome post!! I am going to go to Boots tomorrow and buy that eyeliner on your recommendation! I constantly find liquid eyeliners not black enough, so I am super excited to try this one! I haven't heard of it before.
    Can't believe people would hate on you for your lashes, how absolutely pathetic. I think they look rather lush in that pic! I used to wear mine every day but then went through a phase of never being able to put them on properly so now I don't wear them much... Must get back into it. They give my so much more confidence!

    PS - The word verication for this comment is 'pants', haha! I love when they're silly words.

  8. Wow, I just checked out the ELF website. I can't believe how cheap everything is! But is this for a reason, like is it poor quality that won't last all day? Either way, I may have to buy a large selection of their products just to check!

  9. Thanks for the tip-off about looking on ebay for false eyelashes, I've just got the same lot of 40. So cheap!

  10. another comment from me! sorry! haha! i wear fake eyelashes everyday too!! the haters are pathetic, i get shit for it too, but whatever! my go-to are the Sarah from Girls Aloud, or the Cheryl's, from the eyelure range, have you tried them? xoxo

  11. I love everything in this post .. you are stunning , lots of love Anna*


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