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what i wore 18.06.10what i wore 18.06.10
what i wore 18.06.10
cropped vest: topshop
skirt: H&M
cardigan: H&M
hat: primark
rings: primark & acessorize
socks (not pictured): topshop

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to be home and back to normal! I really enjoyed my mini break away! I had a really really great time! I had my usual hayfever/pollution eye issues and so much over eating but apart from that it was lovely! I spent far too much money and took only a few twitpics so I've got very little to show you from my trip! I bought loadsa new clothes though, which I'm sure will worm its way into some outfits over the next few days! As you can see from todays outfit post, I'm really tired! It really shows in my eyes! Today Im just chilling out at home, got errands to run but my mums stolen my car for work! So I'm stuck till shes home! So I'm gonna G.T.L and then go out with my friends for a drinky later on!

Today I tried out a new colour palette! I haven't worn green (apart from green nails! Don't do it kids, stains your nails!) or this shade of pink ever! So when I picked these two things while I was in London I surprised myself! Its quite a daring combination for me, seeing as I always stick black/grey/white and maybe with a pop of colour! I really like how they go together! I think the dusty pink looks really lovely with the green! The cardigan was an absolute steal at £9.99, I think I'm going to go buy a few more colours as its the perfect lightweight cardigan for summer! And although you cant see in the pictures, I was wearing some knee high socks and brogues that I don't think I've ever worn together either! What a day for pushing the boundaries! Or something like that!

LLYMLRS has grown so much in the last few days, Finally hit over 600 blog followers (615 infact!!), with 190 on Blog Lovin' too! The blog has also hit 20,000 views a month too, It was lurking at 19,000-ish for far too long! Incredible! Maybe I should go away more often because I got a overwhelming amount when I was away! Big hi to my new followers! Say hello in the comments!


  1. Congrats on all of your followers sweetie, it's such an achievement - I hope one day I can eventually make it to such a high number hehe!

    Gorgeous look though, i'm loving the pink and green together with the straw hat finishing the outfit off, super cute!

    Lovess Xx

  2. Love that cardigan. H&M cardies are great. I've got about 10!

    Also, my nails are STILL stained green. It's been a week! Horrific.

    You look lush x

  3. love love love the colours! Must buy the cardi and the top! x

  4. amazing ring/hat,love the colors!

  5. Even before reading I said to myself woahh shes trying very different colours haha :') I'm loving the unpredictability... (is that even a word?!) xx

  6. just an absolutely stunning look on you lady - this green looks fab with your colourtones ... and looooove the hat, I must have tried about 12 different variatons of boaters in toppers last night :p x

  7. awesome look...what lipstick are you wearing?

  8. Your outfit looks absolutely stunning! I may have to try and find that cardigan in my local H&M, you've inspired me to try a new coloured cardigan!

  9. cute outfit! love the colour combination!

    xoxo jenna

  10. beautiful Lily :) Your ootd's are always so pretty! xx

  11. you're so cute :)

    love the colors!


  12. I really like this colour combination, and I admire your guts for wearing it! Congrats on all your followers, you're such a sweetheart and I think you deserve every one of us :)


  13. This outfit is gorgeous. I loooove the combination of green and pink!

  14. Hi!
    Great outfit, very pretty =)

  15. Congrats on your blog doing so well! You really deserve it, i love your blog. Glad you had a great time, and i love the new colours! Nice hat too.

  16. Laura- Thank you lovely! Im sure you'll get there too! Keep going!

    Helen- I've never bought a cardi from H&M before this one!Gosh tell me about it! Ive even changed my polish TWICE since the green and they are all stained!

    Jen- haha awh! im so glad people take note of what i wear! it was a challenging experience!

    girlinthecity- Keep trying with a boater! i love mine, so easy to wear and versatile! glad the cheapest one i found was the best one ;)

    anon- its barry m 147 (:

    Nikki- Do it! i never would have thought about trying a "different" colored cardigan! i normally just wear black or grey so it was kinda surprise when this one stood out to me!

    Nina- Thanks! Im so proud of my blog, and so flattered people like what i have to say! its so overwhelming!

    Grübchen, Shabna, Imme, Jenna, Cati, Gillian, Ess-Jay,Fashion junkie- Thank you all for your such sweet comments! im so glad you like my outfits!

  17. You are so beautiful and more you have a great style!
    I'm your new follower for sure!

  18. amazing outfit!!! you look so gorgeous from head to toe!! :D

    congrats on the followers and pageviews!! :D you have impeccable style so you deserve it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  19. I was so gutted when this Primark hat wouldn't stay on my head. And green suits you, wear it more often
    It would be mine

  20. WOW! the followers thing is amazing! Well done you!

    I love the dreen on you, it goes perfect with your hair I think!

    Also I'm having a little blog sale and thought you might be interested?

    Nars, Mac, Bumble & Bumble etc!

  21. Stunning as always! The green really suits you. I got that hat in Primark a couple of days ago too! I have yet to wear it though. Congrats on all of the followers!! xo

  22. The pink and green go well together, and the combo really suits you!

  23. hi from finland! found your blog few days ago and i've read almost all of your posts now, you are awesome! i just love your outfits and sketches, you have a blog full of inspiration! your blog is the first not-finnish blog that i'm following, so glad that i found one that i really like and i get to practice english here at the same time (so pardon me if my comment is full of mistakes, i write finnish much better :D)! x

  24. Hi! I am a new follower on bloglovin! I love this outfit it's given me some great ideas, it looks so relaxed which is perfect for me. The hat looks so cute too! I look forward to more posts soon x

  25. ive been looking everywhere for a straw hat like that!! the colors contrast well together


  26. AHHH! lily lily lily, i adore your pictures! you look uber fabulous! and you make me wanna try on cute hats.. But i has a massssive big panda head so i'll give it a miss and save myself any public embarrassment ;D xxxxxx

  27. I looooooooovelovelove this outfit - the colours are great. I'm actually doing a post on summer hats at the moment and would love it if you'd let me feature your photo? I'll link back of course! X

  28. Omg! >.<
    so in love with this look.
    the skirt, top & cardi!!! all i want.
    hope i can find the same outfit here in Phils. we don't
    have H&M here. :(
    im not into online shopping, shipping and stuff. :(


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