what i wore 18.06.10what i wore 18.06.10
what i wore 18.06.10
cropped vest: topshop
skirt: H&M
cardigan: H&M
hat: primark
rings: primark & acessorize
socks (not pictured): topshop

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to be home and back to normal! I really enjoyed my mini break away! I had a really really great time! I had my usual hayfever/pollution eye issues and so much over eating but apart from that it was lovely! I spent far too much money and took only a few twitpics so I've got very little to show you from my trip! I bought loadsa new clothes though, which I'm sure will worm its way into some outfits over the next few days! As you can see from todays outfit post, I'm really tired! It really shows in my eyes! Today Im just chilling out at home, got errands to run but my mums stolen my car for work! So I'm stuck till shes home! So I'm gonna G.T.L and then go out with my friends for a drinky later on!

Today I tried out a new colour palette! I haven't worn green (apart from green nails! Don't do it kids, stains your nails!) or this shade of pink ever! So when I picked these two things while I was in London I surprised myself! Its quite a daring combination for me, seeing as I always stick black/grey/white and maybe with a pop of colour! I really like how they go together! I think the dusty pink looks really lovely with the green! The cardigan was an absolute steal at £9.99, I think I'm going to go buy a few more colours as its the perfect lightweight cardigan for summer! And although you cant see in the pictures, I was wearing some knee high socks and brogues that I don't think I've ever worn together either! What a day for pushing the boundaries! Or something like that!

LLYMLRS has grown so much in the last few days, Finally hit over 600 blog followers (615 infact!!), with 190 on Blog Lovin' too! The blog has also hit 20,000 views a month too, It was lurking at 19,000-ish for far too long! Incredible! Maybe I should go away more often because I got a overwhelming amount when I was away! Big hi to my new followers! Say hello in the comments!