leggings: american apparell
blazer: H&M
nails: eyeko punk, eyeko tea rose, beauty uk soft pink, barry m baby pink, stargazer 504

Lets all go to Tesco, where Lily buys her best clothes... errr. Hahah I'm joking, but seriously so much love for this dress! Its funny how some of the things I wear all the time and really love I dont post on here about. I'd say I wear this dress at least once a week at the moment. Its really great to add a ~pop~ of colour without being too much, I dont really do brights, but this is acceptable in my books! I would normally wear my big black forever 21 cross necklace, but its gone walkabouts since I did a massive clean out of all my jewellery!

Thought I'd try Ombre nails for my graduation, came out really nicely to be honest! Might do it again with different colours. It's so easy and simple to do plus looks super nice. I'm wearing some falsies as well because my natural nails are just too short. I normally use the Nailene 200's in active square when I have false nails, but recently I've not been able to find them in the shops (Boots/Superdrug) anymore. I got these off eBay though!

Posted my thoughts on Glossy Box over on my other blog, go read it if you fancy a little more!