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Harriet from Yayer recently got in touch letting me now they were nominated for a Best Vintage award at the Reveal Magazine Click to Buy Awards 2011! I'm so ridiculously pleased for them as they are one of those vintage brands that have just grown over the past year & its really great seeing them do so well. Its nice to see small companies getting the recognition they deserve, being up against some of the major players like eBay, Pret-a-Portobellow & Asos Marketplace.

If you could go on over to the voting pages and vote for them it would really help them! Voting closes on August 12th & everyone who completes the voting will be entered into a draw to win one of five luxury goody bags!


  1. will do!

    just started my blog check it out :)

  2. voted, so grateful you blogged about yayer, i'm (not so) patiently awaiting my paycheck to get a serious yayer haul!


  3. I love seeing vintage shops do well, definitely will vote!

  4. The skirt in that picture is GORGEOUS!
    I'm gonna vote now :)

  5. definitely voting, the site is great :)

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