top: primark (mens tee with sleeves cut off)
skirt: H&M
leggins: american apparell
necklace & rings: jwlry
nails: models own top turquoise
lips: mac hue
dopey face: priceless

Another day, another boring outfit. I promised myself I'd blog every outfit I wore this week, this is an example of a outfit that I'd wear and just not blog about. I dont know why but I really cant be bothered to dress up any further than the basics at the moment. Maybe its because I havent left the house once again or Im just a little uninspired with the clothes I have. It could also be that I just like dressing really simple, I dont see the point in being fussy and OTT, just isn't me! I don't particularly like patterns or florals! Spent today rummaging through boxes of clothes, rediscovering old favorites and sorting my ever growing charity pile out.

I graduate tomorrow which is super exciting, end of a era and all that. The idea of being a real adult, having to find a job and pay for stuff without the help of a student loan its kinda daunting. Its exciting too though. Got some cool opportunities coming up at the moment which is really inspiring me to keep working hard and going forward.