top: primark
peter pan collar: topshop (dress worn here)
skirt: H&M
leggings: american apparel
rings: asos, H&M and jwlry

Not wearing orange or pink today! Well I am slyly but ssh ;) Haha! Ive been wanting to incorporate more peter pan collars into some of my outfits, seriously can you have enough peter pan collars? However I cannot justify buying a proper collar when the same look can be done by just popping a top over a dress/top with on already attached! After seeing someone do it, I think it was Kelly with a New Look Shirt  (I actually wore the shirt in question here) under a jumper, I decided to replicate. I'm actually wearing this orange polka dot dress from Topshop, cleverly hidden with a Primani basic top!

I couldn't sleep last night, I stayed up most of the night playing on Angry Birds and reading the new Chris Jehrico book on my Kindle. The fact that the clocks have changed, plus all the rest I got when I was ill has made my body clock absolutely out of wack! Its so crazy! Managed to get up relatively early (I lie, it was 10am!) in the hope I'll sleep tonight! Didn't do much today really, just went to uni, ate a chimichanga and came home. I and now chillaxing and packing more jewellery orders! I'm back at work tomorrow! Back to being busy all the time!