tunic: topshop
cardigan: primark
necklace: H&M
belt: primark
leggings: american apparell
rings: asos and tatty devine
nails: nubar rosso
Woke up early this morning to do a outfit post, Its been too long! Thanks to my new app on my iPhone called Sleep Cycle, It was relatively painless. Basically, as if by magic, It tracks when you sleep and wakes you up during a period of 30 mins when your not in a deep sleep. It actually works, which is shocking! Obviously I have my iPhone now, so I'm on the hunt for addictive and nessecery apps! I'm already addicted to Cut the rope and Angry birds! I need a blingtastic cover for it too! Tackier the better!

I adore this little smock tunic from Topshop, Its just adorable. I could have done with it in a 8 though, but oh well. It fits me fine, but its a little long and loose in the arms. I love the curved bits of the sleeveless-ness? Makes no sense, but do say if you understand what I mean. I just like them, I think they look super cute! I took back the black cardigan from Topshop (that I got in the wrong size, see: Haul video) and decided that this one was the right one. Plus a load cheaper. I also realize I need new jewellery, I stopped buying rings a while ago because I got sick of them, But now I've gone back to it and want to adorn my fingers with beautiful things! Freedom at Topshop rings are beautiful at the moment, But they just suck and go green so quickly! Ugh!

I have tomorrow off work, Im planning on spending all day doing my dissertation. I've done quite alot of it to be honest, Its just very bitty. I tend to write my essays in sections on different topics and then weave it all together. Im no good at writing large blocks of texts as it makes my brain explode. Hoping to take a break and go for a tea with my friend Hannah. The one who won a million pounds the other week. Hopefully tea's on her! I also get paid on Friday, REJOICE. Even though I did get money for Christmas, It's gone straight into my mullberry-alexa-no-iphone-no-louis-vuttion-speedy-35 fund. I dont like to waste my Christmas money, I try and save money that's gifted to me because I really feel wasteful if I spent it on Starbucks and Mcdonalds! And YES Im a LV girl. Even though I totally know I'm not the "type"!

PS: Alot of people are using my photos on eBay to sell things. I am aware of this, and I have contacted eBay about it. I do NOT sell things on eBay, So please don't buy anything thinking its me, because it's not! And if you read my blog, and are using my photos. PLEASE DONT!