skirt: zara
top: topshop
cardigan: new look 
rings: jwlry and asos

Didnt post my usual Sunday night stuff last night as I stayed at my Dads house, First time I've missed it in a VERY long time! But I didnt have the internet or acess to a camera, so I took a weeks leave! It was also the anniversary of my best friends death this weekend so I spent alot of time with friends rather than on here.

Spent today writing lists of things I need to do this week as I'm so behind once again. I always plan things for the week ahead on a Monday, but Being ill last week really took it out of me, I lost 7lbs purely because all I did was sleep and lie in bed. However I've done my best today to undo that, I had TWO, yes two panninis for lunch. I ran a few errands today in town, picked up a package ton of new styles for my jewellery line, which shall be making it way online soon and did some university work. Our current project is based on commitments, I cant decide what to do mine on yet. I was going to base it around my blog but I cant work out how I'd translate that into imagery. Tempted to do it on wrestling, but who knows. Le sigh!

Today's outfit is just as generic and typical of me at the moment. Warm colours, high waisted skirt, cardigan and default hair style. One of my main criticisms here on the blog is that I always wear the same things, I'm just one of those people who finds a style they like and sticks to it really! Less effort as well as everything goes together! Pretty much all things I'm wearing today have been worn before on the blog. I'm tempted to do one of those 30 for 30 challenges like Jen did. However I really wouldn't know what to choose for those 30 days! Might give it a bit more thought and maybe do it! Could actually be a good thing to do as a commitment for my project!