hat: H&M
shirt: new look
skirt: zara
ring: primark
nails: nubar rosso

Lacking motivation today. I was supposed to spend the day doing my dissertation but at 12:30 I was still hanging out in my bed aimlessly trawling the internet. After more procrastination I decided to shift my bum and do some outfit photos. My eye has healed now which is such a relief. I got some eyedrops (cant remember the brand) but they sorted me right out! Im posting this much earlier that I would normally in the hope I will do some university work this afternoon/evening. Rather than spending my time doing this!

Todays post is an example of how something can look amazing in real life, then totally sucky on camera. I always find sheer things the hardest to photograph. There is a quality that I just cant capture properly. I see some people wear sheer things really well in photos, me on the other hand not so much. Ill just keep practicing.

This shirt is absolutely darling, I got it from New Look on one of my many stalks around our store pretending to put things away. I only bought yesterday, hence why the label is still in. I am going to keep it though! Im not 100% sure if I'd always wear it like this. I wanted to pair it with high waisted shorts or even my leather ones. But both have gone mysteriously missing! Someone on Youtube said I was "too chubby" to wear highwasited skirts, Not that I really care (as I'm obvz not fat!) and Im not fishing for compliments or causing drama. Just personally I think high waisted full skirts flatter figures like mine. I have a small waist and wide hips/thighs! I'm actually so happy I found this skirt, I think its just perfect. These kinda skirts look girly without being too much, and hide any food babies! In 2011 I predict the flared highwaisted skirts may take over my H&M body con addiction!