001. Cardiff was really good, I wore the dress I mentioned last week along with my super cosy tights, SO WARM! Was a laugh a minute really, our cab driver on the way home started singing Sandy from Grease! Also we had this really creepy Andy Warhol/Mark Ronson-esque creeper trying to dance with us in the club!

002. I hate how cold its gotten in the past few days, its supposed to get colder next week too! I've been wearing vests and body suits under everything, and a huge scarf for added warmth! I really want an electric blanket, Hello old lady!! Oh well, I love being wrapped up warm! I've been wearing my snuggly socks everywhere recently!

003. My car is fixed! HURRAYYYY! Luckily it was just the clutch cable that snapped not the whole clutch breaking, so it cost me £80, rather than the £300 I was expecting! Im so greatful for having my car now! I cant believe how much I rely on it to get me around! Im going to take car of my little Fiat Punto from now on!

004. Im going to be doing a questionare at some point in the next week, I really need some feedback on the blog. Anon commented on my formspring, saying "your blogs got so boring recently, you really need to do other things apart from outfit posts" In some ways I feel like I should give in to what people want and do things like makeup tutorials (my makeup is so basic), how to's, features on how to get "my style" (something I think sounds so lame), wishlists (boring) and FOTD's (never!). Honestly though thats not me, I don't want to tell people how to dress or what to wear. I truly believe you should be able to choose clothes you like without being influenced by someone else. Just because I dont like it, it doesn't mean you shouldn't like it! People sometimes ask me if I like X item, and will give them my honest opinion, and then proceed to tell them that "fashion is subjective, if you like it then go for it". I do want new ideas for posts, but I want to stay true to the things I like in blogs, Which to be truthful, at the moment it is pretty much just outfit posts! I do see myself eventually giving in and actually doing them purely because thats what people want,  But I'm just struggling with staying true to myself at the same time.

005. Five (plus a few!)  to Follow Giveaway Edition: Michelle, Rani, Victoria, Lucy, Emma, Heather, Hannah & Amy