top: forever 21
coat: new look
skirt: H&M
scarf: forever 21
ring: made by vipxo

Photo versions of that outfit I posted the other day! Contrary to popular belief I do wear clothes more than once, I just dont tend to post the same outfits on here. Surely if it was me wearing the same thing over and over you'd totally click off? Am I right? Not much to say about the outfit as I already posted it as a video, I love the way camel and the burgandy look together! Its one of my favourite scarf/coat combination at the moment!

You've probably seen these scrabble rings doing the rounds on the blogs recently, and Im not one to jump on the bandwagon, but when My favourite person in the blogasphere, Victoria emailed me asking id I wanted one! Of course I accepted. My mum got me one last Christmas actually from Rock N Rose (for twice the price too!) and Jared (my brother) stepped on it and broke it ): However I love my new one and You can buy them off her directly on her blog, They only cost £4!

In Lily news today,  I went to one of my favourite art shops in town, and I could have literally bought the whole shop. it sells the most amazing art books and prints, everything from totes to tea towels, to the only place in town that stocks decent art magazines! I had a mini heart attack when I found out they reclocated, and had to rack my brains to try and work out where the new shop was! I'm such a Mike Perry fangirl, and if I could own every piece of art hes ever done would make my life! I also attempted a Brigitte Bardot stylee hairdo, which Im hoping to wear out tomorrow! I also opened my formspring for questions again for a bit, I probably will shut it off again soon though, I get so many questions it does get hard to answer them all! Im also about to apply fake tan for the first time, Mitts at the ready!