primark microfibre tights with super cosy lining

I love opaque tights, because obviously if you haven't noticed I NEVER WEAR TROUSERS! I have a box full of different pairs of tights in various deniers. I pretty much live in leggings or tights all year round. I like tights that are super opaque and really black. I feel like they slim my legs down and look really chic.

My old favourite tights were the New Look 100dens, Although I can never seem to find them anymore in their stores. I also have worn Primark 100dens, but do not do it for me at all, I don't think they look opaque enoughl! And as much as Id love to fork out for some more expensive tights, The ammount I get through in terms of holes, ladders and rips, its just not economical! I tend to wear normal Primark tights (between 20-70 den). However I spotted this addition to their ever growing hosiery section, and since buying them I cant imagine wearing anything else! They are hands down THE best tights I've ever owned! They have a really warm fuzzy lining, and they have the super opaque look of leggings but with feet. Absolutely perfect for me!

This is obviously going to be a really irrelevant post to anyone who doesnt live in the UK, and has no acess to Primark, But hey! Id really reccomend them though if you do see them! Now Im not going to say OMGZ THEY WILL NEVAAA RIP. Coz hey, even good quality tights are prone to a nasty ladder or two! I dont think For £3 as well you can go wrong really! They are cheaper than your average pair of leggings as well as keeping your feet warm!

Do you have any favourite tights? Where do you get yours from?