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Im having such a dress dilemma right now, Im going out on Saturday in Cardiff, Well Im supposed to be my friend hasnt got back to me yet. But regardless, I need a party dress. Its ~PARTY SEASONNN~ after all. I simply cannot find anything that suits me! I have a small upper body (aka no boobs!) a small wasit and widish hips. Ill probably wear this with tights and a fur coat, before you go running to the comments to tell me how cold ill be without them or how short my "dress" is! boo you! I really struggle with going out-y stuff, I hardly ever go out, and as a newly single lady, I want to look nice but not slutty, but not too conservative either.

Anyway, what I was going to ask if anyone had any party dresses they have their eye on, and if they could help me solve my dress dilemma! Im sure you all know my style if you want to go looking for a dress for me, It would help me so much if you did! I like black (but could stretch to cream/navy/grey, no brights), floaty but nothing to voluminous, things that are structured but not body con, not too long either as I'm a shorty! I feel like I need a personal shopper! But this will have to do! If you cant be bothered with all that, just link me to ones that you like! Or should I just stick to this one?

PS. Does anyone think my bruise on my leg looks like a face?


  1. i think how your choosing to style it sounds fine! and serious body envy here hahahaha xxxx

  2. I think the one pictured it great!! Pair it with some great heels and you're set!!


  3. I really like the one you've picked! It looks lovely on you xx

  4. Oh that dress is so cute! I've always liked the dresses from ModCloth and I'm sure you could find something awesome from there :)

  5. Ohhhh Lily! These are lovely photos! I love that dress, i think it looks really nice on you. I can deff see boobs! haha

    How did you get that bruise btw?! xo

  6. That dress looks cute, love how you pre-empted the potential backlash there! ;)
    I am buying this little dress from Topshop. It looks a bit whack on the mannequin but it's so flippy and cute IRL. They only have it in petite online atm though, which is a bummer: http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33057&storeId=12556&productId=1932419&langId=-1&categoryId=&searchTerm=velvet%20dress&pageSize=20

    And yes, the bruise looks so facial!!

  7. haha i have no boobs either :P. the one you are wearing looks gorgeous on you lily (:,xxx

  8. That dress fits you so nicely- I'm a massive fan of one-shouldered dresses. I ordered this dress a week or so ago and sounds like it might meet your requirements! x


  9. River Island has some nice structured/floaty dresses in right now. I had my eye on this black beaded floaty one but since it's got no sleeves i'm a bit wary of it ( I hatehatehate my arms)
    i hope the link works!

  10. You look gorgeous in the one your wearing now tbh. so if worst comes to worst then wear that one !!


  11. well i have to say, that dress looks perfect on you!

  12. you defs what a dress because i think this would look so cute with your leather shorts (n cream - tucked in):

    but dress wise, i think this would look lovely on you:


  13. here's an idea http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/fr/fr/zara-sales/11017/14524/ROBE%2BDENTELLE%2BMANCHES%2BCOURTES

  14. I wouldn't pick that by looking at it on the site but it looks much better on you! I think you did a good job and it's not too expensive either! ASOS are doing 20% off party outfits and there's an extra 20% off for students until midnight tonight I think and then it goes back to 10%!

    To be honest thought do you really need something new? I was looking on eBay earlier and saw the lace trim playsuit that you have - I think that could look really cute with tights and heels? Especially since it has a cut-out to the back it's quite night-time! Blahh essay over! x

  15. http://www.dorothyperkins.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=33053&storeId=12552&productId=2036225&langId=-1&sort_field=Relevance&categoryId=208782&parent_categoryId=226988&sort_field=Relevance&pageSize=20




    I think you'd look smashing in those, but that dress you have is already gorgeous xx

  16. I'm not too good with eveningwear either. I love the sound of how you're going to style your current dress so I say stay with this one (: Hope you get it sorted before the weekend and have a real good night out.

  17. That dress is amazing and you look beautiful in it :) I also love your hair up like that, it suits you.

  18. Love that dress! It looks lovely on you!! Who cares about being cold when you look good haha :)



  19. There's a gorgeous one in H&M at the moment for like, £9.99 (and thats its normal price!) YOu can get it in either a pale goldy-beige colour or black and has a really cute fold detail on the top half! I was gonna buy it but they'd already ran out of my size :(

    The dress you have looks gorgeous on you though :)


  20. I think this dress is perfect. Whu buy another? And yes, that is a face on your leg x

  21. the one you are wearing on the photo is really nice actually! ;)
    but zara has some really nice dresses in his onlinestore, maybe you'll look at it! :)

  22. That dress is lovely, if it was me I would wear it with coloured tights to make it a bit different, probably yellow but if you don't want to go that bright something like plum or purple would also look really nice!

  23. I think that dress looks lovely!
    I know what you mean about awkward bodies though, although we have to opposite problem! Im all boobs aha, literally. I have serious issues about fitting my top half into dresses xx

  24. New Look are good for party party dresses, but I always think Zara do some really classic designs for really reasonable prices!

    Not your usual style (and dunno how you feel about velvet!) but with your "no boobs" complex you could make the most of the backless-ness of this little number? I love backless but have the opposite issue to you!


    I'm still not sure if I'm onboard with velvet, but there's just something about it which is oh-so festive!

    Good luck with the dress hunting!

    T x

  25. I've had my eye on this one


    I think it's quite beautiful, hope this helps :)


  26. Pretty.
    Its definitely a dress of the party season, have fun :).

  27. This one is quite cute although I'm not sure about the material? I haven't seen it in store so I don't really know (and it doesn't look like it fits the model properly!) =/

    This - there is something I really love about this even though I'm not really a huge fan of velvet!

    This - cute but not really the colour you were looking for...

    There's a few there that I've come across but to be honest I've not really seen a lot of 'party dresses' out there... maybe I'm just too picky.

  28. got my eye on a few which you might like too!


    (although i'm sick to death of those one sleeve dresses now!)



    you could wear that topshop black and cream playsuit? that looked great on you i seem to remember! xx

  29. It's a pretty dress but I'm not sure if it's very you?
    I think we have similar style so here's a few party dresses I have my eye on :)

    Hope you find something :) xxx

  30. I don't know if they ship to the UK, but Akira is my favorite store to buy dresses! Maybe this one?


  31. OMG! Thats kind of my problem, except the hips, I think I have wide shoulders.
    Anyway, I was going to say it would be freezing like that =P but knowing you Loooove your tights, I had a feeling you would wear them =D
    I absolutely LOVE that dress, its gorgeous! I love oneshoulders, esp. the one sleeve ones. Like its one shoulder but that shoulder has a sleeve.. kind of get it?
    I like this:
    its a tunic, but being short you might be able to wear it as a dress.

    hope that helps a little?

  32. keep this dress <3


  33. amazing dress, love it


  34. this dress is cute..If you are looking for cute dresses they have pretty nice one at asos

  35. Seriously that dress look lovely! I wouldn't worry if i was you! xxx

  36. Dress envy!
    Looks awesome, keep it :)

  37. The dress you have looks stunning on you, it's a keeper :) xx

  38. this dress really suits you! i like your idea for styling it up to stop the cold haha i go out all the time but its gotta stop cause now i'm ill :(

    anywayss, this is the dress im saving up for http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/dresses/ax-paris-lace-dress_211028113

    i dunno if it will suit you, im no good with body shapes n stuff, but it comes in black and its not slutty, bit short but no cleavage :) worth trying it on though

  39. Oh don't be silly! Doesn't look slutty at all! I love that dress and it does look really nice on you! Just keep looking if your not sure, but the best thing to do is shop for it rather than internet order cos you will just get down from the effort if things dont look right! You always look great so i wouldnt worry! Pair with heels for instant dressier-look anyway


  40. those ones with the flowy sleeve(s) that people are reccomending are lovely, but the one you're wearing is gorgeous too! xxxx
    I don't have loads of 'going out' clothes either because, quite frankly I don't "go out" that much in that sense! :P xxxx

  41. This looks so mcuh better on you that on the webiste. Never would I have picked it out. looks wonderful though :) you look so nice with your hair up too ! :) xx

  42. hahaha i am also part of the "flat as a pancake" brigade!

    that dress looks so lovely! :)
    you also look v. pretty with your hair back :)

    also sorry to hear about the newly single laydeee status :/

    love :) xxx


  43. the problem I have when I get these sorts of thoughts.. about being not slutty or not conservative looking (which means in any kind of situation/dilemma on the other extreme end to the other extreme end), is that I end up looking like one of the two. because I try too much to look a certain way. I think the (cliché) key is the word: confident. and even in times when I dont have a lot, I know that I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression, so I'll focus on a goal I want with going out: is to have fun. soo.. long story short.. it doesn't really matter what you're wearing (unless its a trashbag:P), just be the confident woman you are:) and this might not be the answer you were hoping to get.. but if you really want another dress, I would suggest H&M trend. I got this for my birthday: http://cyliaaaa.blogspot.com/2010/10/sweet-20-its-my-birthday.html
    H&M trend has a couple dresses I really like:)

    and right now, I'm way over my 'bedtime' as I have to wake up at 6 am again tomorrow! AH! have only 6,5 hours to sleep still! crap. ahh well:) I just really needed to comment! have a fab week!



  44. That dress looks so nice on you:) I really love one-shouldered dresses atm:D I think it would look lovely with a fur coat:D Have a good time on Saturday x

  45. aw lily, it looks so cute on you. you really suit it!! btw, sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend splitting up. take care and have fun in cardiff!

  46. i think the dress you have choosen looks great on you! but i totally understand the dilemma as i am experiencing the same thing!

  47. Hey Lily,

    You look stunning with your hair tied up. I like you dress but did you ever consider a bubble dress? I know the feeling with wide hips and a bubble dress always seems to cover them up!! you will look stunning no matter what you wear.. post pics of your night out!:)

    also, im really sad to hear that you are newly single... you and ivor (spelling right?) were perfect!


  48. Lily, you look gorgeous as always. You can literally pull anything off - you're one of those girls that could look amazing in a bin liner.

    I personally love this dress on you. I've just bought myself a Christmas dress and can't wait to wear it! Eeeee! I get a bit silly-excited when it comes to dresses. Ha ha!

    You hair would also look amazing in a funky up do with this dress.

    Love, Lauren


  49. I'm in love with this beauty at the moment...
    It's a bit clingy but I think the detailing across the top is gorgeous :-)


  50. I have the same body shape. I love the dress you are wearing right now! Anything flowy on the bottom and structured at the top is GREAT!

  51. I think the dress is gorgeous but it depends on you feeling comfy in it.. I think it'd look great with a fur coat as you'd written :)

    And yes, that bruise looks like there's a lady peeking from under the dress! But my eyes are pretty tired from this long day so who knows what I actually see :D

  52. I think this dress would look gorgeous on you!


    But the one you have already got is stunning too!

  53. I think this would look very cute on you , you could dress it up with some suede heels and some nice jewellery. xxx

  54. Your last comment made me laugh. I like this dress on you, and with the coat like you say I think it will look nice. xx

  55. whenever im stuck, i look to Gemma Soames' column, the wadrobe mistress in sunday times style, who always gets me out of my dilemmas. check her column out, I especially like the 1920s dorothy perkins dress, worn with a black skinny belt maybe? and as she suggests worn with opaques and black heels.


    not sure about the black number above - i dont like the high waist and i think its unflattering on you, it sorta swamps you and makes you look like youve got something to hide...which you dont! hope this helps, good luck!

  56. i think its gorgeous and i'd wear it. I love the flowy sleeved ones too! Hope you manage to find something nice! x


  57. I think that looks lovely, but it's always nice to get something new. Have you checked out the new Motel stuff recently? Some lovely things there. But otherwise, I'd say stick with the dress in the picture.


  58. Wow that dress looks great on you! and for the record, wish I rocked a body like that haha jealous much muahaha
    x funkydoris.blogspot.com

  59. You are probably getting point by now but I will say it again, that dress does look really cute and would look hot with a pair of tights and a fur coat! but just because i couldn't resist looking for something that would look great on you i will list a few other options i think could work below,


    perfect little black dress

    good luck, hope you have lots of fun on sat!

  60. girlll you look gorgeous in whatever you put on. I'm sure you could throw on a potato sack & you'd still have the fellas lining up. :)


  61. That dress looks perfectly fine to me! :)


  62. srhysmn ♥ 's llymlrs

    thats all i can say :)

  63. that dress is lovely on you, I love aysemetrical dresses but my big boobers just look ridic.

    I bought this from asos for going out sometime. Or everyday Im not too sure! But it would love so cute on you!


  64. http://www.warehouse.co.uk/crocodile-embellished-dress/Dresses/warehouse/fcp-product/302624

  65. trust me, you have no reason to be having such a dress dilema!
    you've got a great body and that dress is beautiful paired with a great set of heels :)

    courtney xx

  66. Sorry about the break-up babe! Hope all is well.

    That dress looks brilliant and your body is absolutely perfect! Have a wonderful time

  67. http://shop.hm.com/gb/shoppingwindow?dept=DAM_KLAKJ_KLA&modelnum=784161&type=matching

    I love it :)

  68. i absolutely love the dress, it looks very good on you! :D

  69. I hardly ever dress up properly to go out! I never feel like me in just a plain dress. This one looks lovely on you though!

    What does your red one 'Topshop Wavy Detail Tunic' look like as a dress? I love the top bit of it on your last post. I'd wear that! And it's red, a nice part season colour :)

    Chloe... x

  70. this dress looks gorgeous on you, sorry but when did you become single?? xxxx

  71. i love that dress. it's not something i'd pick off the rail but it looks great on and i think the way you're going to style is sounds lovely!


  72. I basically have the same body shape as you except I'm a bit bigger haha. Here is a dress that I would certainly go for: New Look White lace layered dress

    It's a bit expensive but it is gorgeous and I think it would go with your skin tone and hair.

    Hope this helps,

    V x

  73. I've had a revision haha. I found another dress on New Look. Ruffles emphasise the bust, making it look bigger therefore more in proportion to the hips (which your don't look massive btw).

    Ruffle and Chain Dress

    V x


  74. Looove it! And I want it too... Do you mind telling me what size you have in it, as I'll have to buy it online, and I think I'm about one size above you... Many thanks! :)

  75. the dress is lovely, and it suits you perfectly!

    lots of love, lizzi xxx

  76. Like the dress you're wearing!
    xoxo irene
    Hope you stop bij some time!

  77. I love the dress you're wearing! I'm a similar body type to you and I just got this dress from Miss Selfridge for a 21st and I love it !

  78. i'm totally in love with your bloooog! Found it yesterday, and its so adorable! Your style is fab :)
    i love your combinations and the way you bring them over. wish we had new look where i live :P

  79. the dress looks so gorgeous on you!
    love your blog

    emma xo

  80. http://www.asos.com/Asos/Asos-Peter-Pan-Collar-Lace-Waisted-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1351470&cid=8799&Rf-200=4,16,3&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=200&sort=-1&clr=Black


  81. I have the same body shape as you and last weekend I wore this out - http://www.rarefashion.co.uk/one-shoulder-chiffon-ruffle-dress.html - in black. It's in the concession section of Topshop & it's so flattering! I love it! :)

  82. http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/uk/en/zara-sales/11002/199161

    this leopard dress from zara is so cute, and won't cling to your hips and has cute shoulder straps. x

  83. Really like the dress. Looks really good on. I'm exactly the same as well. Newly single and not used to getting really dress up and going out. I always have a dilemna about what to wear. xx

  84. sorry, my email address is lehoucq.manon@gmail.fr


  85. I think you'd look nice in this dress:


    I like that it has one long sleeve so you don't have everything out! But it is still nice and short. Also, I think you could wear this tights or no tights because there is slightly less flesh.

    I got dumped and dressed like a slut for a while - it's not good (not that I'm suggesting you look like a slut in that dress! It's nice)

  86. I already dig the dress you're wearing, Lily! But I also want to help you with your dilemma, so I recommend this dress. It's pricey, that's the thing... And I don't know if you want to spend this much on a dress.
    Here's the link:


    X Tessa tessatessa.blogspot.com

  87. Girl, that dress is super cute! I'm very much into one shoulder dresses right now. Maybe keep an eye out for one for yourself. Also, maybe try a cute T with a high wasted bandage skirt if you don't feel comfortable in a dress. X

  88. i honestly think that dress is great lily, and my body shape is very similar to yours (shorty, defined waist, wider hips and smaller boobs). And what a bargin for the price :)

    I found this dress on boohoo, and i know you said no bodycon, but i think bodycon would really suit you as you can always wear a padded bra if you want more proportion. That's what's so great about small boobs, you can make them big at any time.


    I know it's not your usual style, but i think you would look good in it, be brave! It shows off a sexy neckline and toned arms too. :)

  89. I think it looks so nice on you but if it really is that short you don't want to go out in something you'll be uncomfortable in and yanking at all weekend. You're a pear shape so this is nice:


    I don't know if it's your style but playsuits with wedges or heels are sexy w/o being trashy and you feel comfortable because it's shorts!! Plus this one adds volume on top- good for pears :)

  90. haha yeah I can see the face!!!
    Can you see the man:


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