jumper: primark
shorts: primark
rosary: ebay
necklace: zara taylor
rings: tatty devine + topshop
nails: barry m mint green

I'm constantly wearing these Primark leather shorts at the moment, Unfortunately I bought them in last years sale (for £3, just to rub salt in your wounds!), and I've yet to see them this year! This jumper was one of my Sunday purchases, at £11, You cant deny a bargin like that, and it "doesnt look like Primark" either! Primarks doing pretty well at not looking like themselves if you get what I mean! To proove this, I thought I'd have a look and see what the Topshop equvilant of this would cost, This striped jumper would set you back £40, and some leather shorts would be £38. So compared to Topshop my outfit cost exactly 6 times less. Its an incredible price difference!

I have no qualms with buying things from Topshop, but Id happily pay £40+ for a dress or something that I would not be able to find elsewhere. But when it comes to things like jumpers, basics or generic looking clothing, are you the kinda person that would go with the more expensive thing, or wait for an inevitable Primark/New Look copy? I know I wear alot of Primark, but I think what they are doing right now is amazing, most of their things are very on trend and affordable, Yeah they have alot of tat, but once you look past the hideous stuff (velour tracksuit... um no!), and have a good rummage, you find the gems! 

Seeing as I wasn't actually supposed to be in university today, Instead of tackling the ever growing pile of clothes in the corner of my bedroom, I decided to do something "productive" and finally film a "Whats in my bag" video! I'm still not 100% confident infront of the camera, I'm such a noob, and I'm totally contradicting myself like 10000 times in the video, but whatever! Ive got no idea if I will actually do youtube stuff or not, I'm unsure if want to really be doing reviews/tutorials/ or anything, So it will more than likley just be getting to know me and more personal stuff at the mo!