001. I return to university tomorrow, Well we all seem to think its tomorrow, but knowing our university it will more than likely be Wednesday in three weeks time. They are SO unorganized. Im looking forward to seeing everyone again and getting stuck into some work! Ive actually missed not being there, Going into the last year of my degree is kinda scary! Before you run to my now defunct Formspring and ask, I do BA Graphic and Media design, and go to Hereford College of the Arts and I'm currently on a first!

002. I'm so gutted I missed the Eyeko event on Saturday, Im eagerly awaiting pics and goss from the event! I really need to start planning a bloggers event, I have literally no idea where to start, but I want to meet so many people! Its a shame there isnt more big blogger meetups, I'm thinking of doing a Christmas one, But then I just know its gonna be hard to get time off work near Christmas!

003. I tried on this coat today in Telford, Its from George at Asda. Its like a brown check pattern with green and orange running through it, It also has a detachable fur collar! How sweet! I really need to start looking for a coat, especially since the weather has really turned this week! How cold is it right now! I also got my eyebrows threaded, can you see how nice and clean the shape is now! I don't think I'm ever going to go back to plucking (apart from the stragglers!)

004. I have written some of the things for my FAQ, Its by no means finished as I can still think of loads of things people always ask me, But I've covered a few of the makeup related ones as I know people are very interested in that! If you can think of any frequent asked questions I should answer comments plzz!

005. Five to Follow: Beth, Carina, Chloe, Charlene, Maddy