dress: topshop
cardigan: primark
necklace: zara taylor
rings: primark + superdrug
nails: barry m 295

This is actually what I wore yesterday, I love the burnt-out-orangey-rusty-brown colour of this Topshop dress I picked up in Birmingham on Tuesday. Paired with the purple cardigan and bright blue nails, This has to be my ultimate autumny/fall look. I love the floaty oversized arms too, makes me feel all 60's Marianne Faithful! I've fallen in love with Topshop again after a long love/hate relationship, Their fall/winter collection is beautiful! The colours are just perfect, the fabrics are perfect, the knits are beautiful plus they have all my key pieces spot on!

I had a good laugh the other day going through my Google Analytics traffic sources. Basically there is this part that tells you all the keywords people use in search engines to get to your blog,  Apart from the expected ones like "lily melrose" "llymlrs" and "ombre hair", There were some gems! Here are some of my favorites "llymlrs died" (Im hoping they were on about dyed hair, not that I actually died!) "jailbait leggings", "3000 word essay on frakenstein", "slutty playsuit" and about a billion misspellings of llymlrs! I dont know if many people use Analytics for their blogs, but its so worth it, it has the best stats counter and detailed explanations of traffic and how traffic increases/decreases! And if you already use it definitely go through your keywords! Its worth the lulz!

If you haven't noticed, I've disabled my Formspring account, some people ruined it for everyone, at the end of the day the haters won, so basically from now on if you have a question please tweet me rather than email (if you can...), I find it hard to reply to emails I get so many (important and spam!) I unfortunately tend to miss ones that need answering! I will try and write a FAQ in the next few days though so if you do have any questions that you think I need to talk about leave them in the comments!