the LOOK show part 1

top: new look
shorts: H&M
necklace: zara taylor
jacket: primark
hat: H&M
rings: H&M + asos
shoes new look

So as pretty much all of you know, I went to the LOOK Magazine show for A/W. Its totally my kind of show, They pick the best all items and trends from the UK highstreet stores autumn/winter collections. I will be writing about the shows and my thoughts on each of the collections tomorrow, But for today I will leave you with a ton of images and a little bit about what we did before the show, the event, and of course my all important outfit!

Even though I was stressing out about what to wear I was happy with what I settled with in the end, I always knew I wanted to do hat/shorts/sheer tights and a top. The top was the bit I was worrying about! The shirt was something I've been considering getting for a while, It was actually Liv's and in my original plan I was going to wear my H&M long sleeved striped top. But me and Liv did swapsies and she wore the lace white dress and I wore the sheer shirt! Do you like the first ever full body shot I've ever done on this blog too, will probably be the last too!

The show was at the Saatchi Gallery, Id not been to that part of London before so with a little help from Google Maps and the Tube Map app for the iPhone, we got there safe and sound! After a little interview for the Look website, We got to jump the queue and get into the building! Upon entering we were all treated to a glass or two of champagne (or four and a glass of wine in Olivias case!) We were treated to a little Benefit makeup makeover (I officially need Bad Gal Lash again!) and a little go on a photobooth! The queue for it literally went from one side of the room to the other! There was also some performances from The Like and Gabriela Chilmi, both of which even though they aren't my cup of tea, I very much enjoyed their little sets! I scoffed lots of lovely M&S canapes, and realized that there is no way that you can eat a steak pie glamorously, no matter how teeny tiny it is!

I met Olivia from The Fashion Diaries, who had also won the Look Magazine Blogger competition! She was really lovely and was nice to meet her! There were a three other bloggers who won too, but I didnt really get to speak to them much unfortunately! We all got to sit front row, and spot the celebs! Of course I was drooling over the oufits and I cant wait to share my thoughts on that with you soon! After the show Diana Vickers sung her songs and we then retreated back to our hotel! We had a good rummage through our goody bags, ate song food and hit the hay! Was a totally tiring but amazing experience!

Look Magazine kindly put me and my friend Liv up in the Hilton London Metrople! Which was absolutely fab! Our room was really lovely and had a super cosy kingsize bed! It was just the place to crash out after a long days traveling and going to the show! I just want to say a big thank you to Lara who was doing the PR and being really fab about organizing it all for us! The show review will be up tomorrow, Monday by the latest! I'm still in London and having a lovely time! Those photos will be up next week though, I am tweeting and twitpicing so go check those out if your interested!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time! I can't even begin to imagine how busy it must be in London right now! I love the blouse, so pretty and I'd assume quite versatile?! xxx

  2. Your outfit is lovely! I need to raid Primark for the jacket xox

  3. Oh wow it looked totally amazing!!! you are sooooo lucky!!!! Your outfit is totally lovely! cant wait to read more about the show =) x

  4. lovely outfit and those photobooth pics look tres fun =] x

  5. your outfit is lovely!
    loveeee the blouse. looks like you had a lot of fun. x

  6. These shots of you are so lovely, I never realised you were a plus size blogger, you are such an inspiration :)
    and wow you were front row? lucky lady, so what did you think of the primark collection?!


  7. Jealous! looks so much fun. love the outfit, I've been wanting a blouse like that for ages, you look amazing! and i wouldn't consider you at plus size model hahaa? X

  8. You look amazing :) Great that you had a fun there!

  9. hardly a plus size...
    :S that's weird.

    you look lovely, the hat is a beaut. looks like amazing fun and keen for the photobooth!

  10. Love these photos and love your outfit!

  11. Love your outfit. Sounds like you had an amazing time x

  12. Lily doesn't look plus sized, not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

  13. ugh, what an utter dick who says you look plus-sized!

    you look so lovely, i wish i could pull off hats as well as you can!

  14. lovely pics, love your outfit and hat

  15. Hardly plus sized! What a douchebag.
    anyway i am so incredibly jealous! It looked so much fun! Especially the photobooth.

    Question - did you do anything to get your hair like that or is it just naturally like that?


  16. ummm what a weird comment you definitely do not look plus sized in those photos, not even close!!!! you look totally gorgeous and i love your whole outfit and those shoes are so so cute!!

  17. Love the bow blouse! Saatchi gallery is an amzing gallery, great location for this show! x

  18. ahh your outfit is gorgeous.lovely photography too!:)]

  19. Hi Lily!

    I've never commented thus far but when I saw your gorgy pictures from the Look Show I had an alarming urge to do so. You look fantastically beautiful and though your style is a bit different to mine (I'm a skirt-phobe)I find you so inspiring. Reading your blog makes me happy, and you're doing an awesome job. So thankyou! I heart LLMLRS muchly!


  20. whoever "emma" is, get fucked you bitter bitch :)

  21. Glad you're having a good time, the hat looks really great on.

  22. Strange comment from Emma...

    Been looking forward to seeing what you'd where to the show & this did not disappoint. Perfection. That hat is seriously on my wish list.

    Sofia x

  23. awesome thats the only word I could come up with.

  24. I wonder if she meant that in a bitchy way or if she's just genuinely stupid. Weird. You're definitely not a plus size lol.

    Anyway Lily you look so lovely. Love the hat and your hair looks great. Can't wait to read more about it.

  25. you look totally gorgeous...
    love your hat...

  26. You look awesome..!!! :)

  27. A plus size? Is she normal?:)
    You look stunning, your hair is soooo beautiful in those pictures...and you look awesome with that hat on, I wish I suited hats as much as you do!
    You´re great, keep up the good work!:)

  28. God you look amazing. And it's great seeing you in outdoor shots!

  29. I love those photo booth pics :) It looks like you girls had fun

  30. There's nothing wrong with being plus size, but you are not it!! Far from it. You look beautiful.

  31. I adore your outfit!! I've got the same shorts, only in beige. ;D

    And to "Emma": just because she's not skinny as hell like a lot of other fashion bloggers doesn't mean she's plus sized! I think you're just right Lily, not even close to plus size!!

  32. can't wait to read the next parts of this post. sounds like you had an uhhmazing time! xx

  33. Haha "emma" back up there near the top is clearly a jealous and bitter bitch! some people are absolute blood wind ups. your comments arent welcome here mate!

    ANYWAYS, you do look adorable girlie. Im glad yous had a fab time and I hope you are enjoying exploring london while youre there! Im from scotland and I couldnt be any further away from london fashion week so its nice to have a read on different blogs and not miss out on all the excitement thats going on :) cant wait to read what else you get upto! do share! :) xx

  34. I adore your jacket! It definatly doesn't look like its from primark at all :) I found one like your in primark, but in suede!
    and just for the record, you are definatly not a plus size..i'd love your figure!

    Lots of love, Lizzi xx

  35. Looks like you had an amazing time... thanks for sharing!

  36. these photos are great, looks like you had such an amazing time! love the photobooth pics xx

  37. you look lovely :) very jealous of your hat <3

  38. i love your outfit! looks like a fun time.

  39. love your hat and blouse,
    i love the fact your one of these bloggers i can relate to too, and dont spend a fortune and clothes you manage to look better than most of the bloggers out there ..!

    im quite new ^^ :]

  40. OMG. If you're plus sized the rest of us must be clinically obese! hahaha!

    Shame we didn't get to meet up today but hopefully sometime soon! If I go visit my parents and end up in Hereford again I'll be sure to give you a shout!

    Corinne x

  41. fabulous post my dear! so jealous u got to go to the look show! cant wait to see more form the show! :) ill be back to see the next installment on monday!! xo

  42. If Lily is plus sized then I might as well just stop trying.

    I'm very jealous right now. MEWANT HAT

  43. You both looked absolutely gorgeous, I hope you had a lovely time.
    Have also just read your most recent post on the fashion show, I'd post on there but I struggle a bit for the right words to say when sharing my opinion on things like that. All I can say is you thoroughly deserved to go to that show and I completely agree that it must be much more enjoyable to attend a highstreet fashion show


  44. love ur look! the hat adds the finishing touch to it!!!!

    looks like u had an amazing time at the show!

    xoxo jenna

  45. You look SO PRETTY in the photobooth photos you took!


  46. Love love love your look here, especially the hat! Love, Sally x

  47. well size 10 is considered plus size. daisy lowe claims to be plus size and she probably is compared to all the stick thin models out there.

  48. maybe that lady understood that you were a US size 10 or something. you are stunning as usual :)

  49. That blouse is gorgeous! I thought your jacket looked so much more expensive than a Primark one! Ignore any bitchy comments, they are very undeserved!

  50. You look amazing and from the post above too it looks like you had a fabulous time am very jealous! I need one of those hats :)

    R x

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