bonus feet shot of ivors guitar pedals, coz i though it looked cool *cough* hipster

So this is my current view! Still haven't decided what to pack or wear yet, and times getting on! I've spent half the day stressing and trying to organize things before I go away for a few days but Im really getting nowhere! I've sort of decided what Im going to wear... or maybe I haven't! Anyway, Im off tomorrow at 7:30am on the coach, and Ill be back on Monday evening! If anyone see's me over the weekend please say hi! I'd like to think I'm not unapproachable! If I see anyone I know fully expect to be fangirled over!

I'll be tweeting and possibly blogging while I'm away! I don't know if the house me and Ivor are staying in has internet or not, Although it is London and I'm sure we can find a Starbucks (or anywhere with wifi!) so I can post! If not when I come back I will update you all properly on all my goings on! Like I said if you want to keep up to date on my day to day goings on (ie. me complaining about Formspring, being late for work, or rambling about rubbish!) follow me on Twitter!