hat: H&M
shirt: the strokes via ebay

Finally found an acceptable bowler-ish hat! The Asos one that I wanted, was a bit pricey (and now out of stock, Coincidence/Fate maybe?, Paired with the fact that I cant seem to log onto Asos to pay for things anymore. An issue which I need to email them about, but I still havent got around to it yet! I went looking around H&M after getting a tip off . Okay so its not a bowler hat, its one of those little felt style smalled brimmed hats. In the summer I bought this wool floppy hat from American Apparel, but like most things from AA, It was overpriced and just wasnt quite right! Anyway, I'm very pleased with my little H&M purchase! Its satisfied my need for a winter hat that isn't the standard woolly floppy beanie I normally wear!

Packing and preparing for  London and sorting out packages to send off before I leave for London is taking up most of my time. Of course in typical "me" style I have personalized them a little, So hopefully when people receive their packages they are really happy with what they got! I still havent even planned what exactly Im going to wear when I go to the LOOK show! I have work tomorrow, So I don't know if I'll have time to post properly, I shall try though!