dress: primark
coat: topshop
leggings: topshop
necklace: zara taylor

Thought I'd dress slightly weather appropriate today, I'm not one for actually wearing clothes to suit weather conditions. A few weeks ago when it was really hot I wore socks and boot to work, and boy that was a big mistake! Its also a totally ill-fitting outfit really! This whole outfit is like 2 sizes too big for me, the coat, even though its only a size 12, is just crazy large on my frame. I bought it years ago when I first got my student overdraft, I went a little crazy! At £55 it was the most expensive thing I'd ever bought at the time (compared to now its nothing!) Its lasted me a good few years now, I think its getting close to its retirement date though!

I think its about time to start looking for some winter coats! All my coats are far too big for me due to all the weight I've lost but Im clinging onto most of them refusing to give them up! I have some really lovely coats, like my blue duffle and my amazing leopard print mac. For coats this year I'm thinking: a faux fur coat (i have my eye on one from New Look), a aviator/flying/shearling jacket, A camel colored mens wear inspired jacket and another jacket. Maybe a duffle coat or a nice neutral colored Mac. Now is the time to start thinking about coats, as in my experience, Come winter, I will actually find no coats I like! Help me guys! Have you got your eye on any jackets at the moment that you think I might like? Let me know in the comments!

PS. There are still items for sale in my blog shop, as well as some new ones I uploaded today! Thank you to everyone whos bought things so far too! They will be laundered and sent off within the next few days as I'm in London on Friday!