Here's my round up of the actual looks showcased at the LOOK magazine show! I didn't take the pictures, Mine all came out a little blurry so they are the ones taken off the LOOK show mini site. You can actually view all the collections in full on their website, as well as shop all of the looks, and to make it easier I have posted direct links to each underneath the photos! Sorry that this whole post is so long, trying to piece up all my hand scribbled notes and my memories was proving a little difficult, but hey I've tried!

Dorothy Perkins

shop look: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
The maxi trend is obviously still running in the A/W at Dorothy Perkins, I think its slowly creeping from day-wear into the more luxe fabrics for evening wear. The glammed up gold maxi was on my list one of the key peices for evening wear in the show. I loved the fringed necklace being paired with the rusty browny-red billowing sleeves top and the really glamorous cropped trousers. I think its a perfect autumy look for both day and night! I've been considering layering up a sparkly print dress/skirt with a nice cosy jumper for a long time now, and I'm definitely going to try it after seeing look 2!

French Connection

shop look: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
At French Connection this A/W they seem to be going for a vintage glamour look with all the fur trimmed peices and the longer lined coats. The blue shirt, printed shorts and the fur cardigan just look beautfiful. Id have never have thought of putting something like that together but it really works. Evening wear looks very "white is the new black" with a lovely white maxi. The cut at the front is just gorgeous too. My favourite look has to be the androgynous shirt and tapered trousers with the black hat! It had a really lovely mesnwear inspired feel to it and a little nod to the 80's!


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H&M's collection caputured what I already felt H&M was going to do for Autumn/Winter. They have the leopard print, the netural basics, the polka dots and the 20's look. It stayed very true to the style of H&M, it was really fun at times, yet had a really refined edge to it. I adore the socks with the knee pads on! The big chunky wartime inspired coats teamed with the pearly necklace brought be back seeing pictures of my Great Grandmother in the war! Overall I think this was a really strong and true to the brand collection. My favourite peice was the leather trousers, Leather this A/W comes in a very interesting and different colour pallete compared to the black we were seeing last year.

Marks and Spencers

shop the show: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Marks and Spencer collection was the one that suprised me the most. My favourite piece was the brown dress, looked like it was made out of really expensive deep brown silk with leather cuffs and shoulder pads. The shape would look awesome on curvy girls! M&S really got some of the key A/W trends with the camel coat, fur gilets, the aviator jacket and the navajo/heritage knits as well as the leather detailling. I've decided I now need a bow tie too after seeing the second look rocking one! The second look was keeping with the mesnwear inspired trend as well as keeping it girly with that dusty pink colour!


shop the show: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Interesting pallete of warm colours used in the Mango show. The mix of the beiges, browns, camels, rusty reds and then contrasted with the pop's of bright red made the show flow well. The leather shirt and trousers are very key in A/W. The mix of the patterned shirt and the tan trousers looked like a really interesting twist on work wear! From this collection my favourite look had to be the leather trousers teamed with the beige silky shirt. It looked so simple and chic. Although you can see them in the picture I adored the shoes in look number 5, They were lovely heeled loafers, I need them!


shop the look: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
I was pleseantly suprised by the Monsoon show, I think they had some lovely key peices, the fur jacket was my favourite one from the whole show! I felt the colours they have picked came out a little dark and deep, it would have been nice to see some of the warmer colours that are big for A/W. But you cant really go wrong with black can you! The embellishment on the dresses was really beautiful and highly detailed though. And of course the accessories were spot on!

New Look

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The New Look collection was another of my favourites from the show. I felt it really showcased the best of what New Look has for Autumn/Winter. Seeing as I work at New Look I do get to see alot of the things that are coming up, But alot of the things were styled really creatively and put together in a very different way to the New Look Lookbooks. Funnily enough, I was actually going to wear the blazer and shirt in the 6th look that came down the runway! All the shoes in this collection were really strong too, and I think most of them are actually in stock at the moment! I'm going to be keeping an eye out for the green military coat incase it comes in store soon!


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Although the new Next commercials are really strong, I felt there A/W offerings in this show didnt really show the best of what they had. I thought the jumper/hat combination in the third look looked a little too Freddy Kruger for my liking! The faux fur jacket and leather trousers looked super sexy on the last model, Prooving you don't need to be teeny tiny to wear leather! I liked the aviator jacket, blue top and hertiage print style skirt though, I thought that was a really lovely and wearble look!


shop the look: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Alot of key trends for A/W were ticked in this show, I felt that there really wasnt enough colour, which was a shame really. The long sleeved maxi looked really sexy and sultry, like I said earlier it was nice to see maxi's going from casual wear to back to evening wear! The red dress really caught my eye too, I think the cut and style of the dress was very classic but then having it in a pop of red made it a bit special. I felt it really lacked a unique and key piece though! I did like the over sized menswear inspired camel jacket though, but its been a bit over done, and I wouldn't say it was very unique!

River Island

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What stood out to me the most out of the River Island show was the shoes. All the pairs were totally lust worthy! I dont know if they were all from River Island, But they were seriously enviable! The mustard jumper dress teamed with chunk boots, thick socks and the scarf/hat (it was one of those classic panda/bear ear ones!) looked amazing, I think it was the best look River Island had! I need a pair of Argle socks too now, Golfer Chic? I wasn't too sure about the riding hat teamed with the gold dress, apart they would look lovely, but together not so much!


shop the look: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
I loved the inky patterned asymmetrical midi dress, I think the pattern was really classy and I think looked really interesting. Loved the heritage cape and camel leather shorts, I think the whole look came off really warm and cosy, perfect for the winter! I think all the looks in the Warehouse collection were really glamorous without being too over the top, The evening looks were very classic with a touch of dazzle and the day looks had a very luxurious yet casual feel to them! Alot of the pieces were very 70's, Studio 54 inspired, Which I really loved!

In response to a little criticism (ie hater comment!) I had on yesterdays blog post saying "oh i didnt know you were a plus sized model" and "hope you enjoyed the primark show". Which got me thinking about two points about the whole show. Plus sized girls and the point I think they were trying to make about it not being "proper" fashion show.

First off on the subject of plus sized girls. I wasn't offended at being called plus sized, I'm no way plus sized by any standards, I don't hate girls who are bigger, I think some of the plus sized bloggers are fab! I think fashion is about confidence and how you put something together, not the size of the body the clothes hang on. To me someone who is plus sized is someone who doesn't fit into clothes that you can buy in regular shops, In the UK the standard sizes are probably 8-18 (Although I know some of them only go up to 16 and down a 6). Thats a fair description right? Its totally skewed on the catwalk though, with size 12 being too big. I'm a size 10, and it makes me feel weird thinking that if I put a few lbs on by fashion standards I'm plus sized. Crystal Renn was on the Catwalk, as well as another plus sized model and to be honest, when watching it I didn't even notice that she was bigger than the others, Not one bit. I thought she fitted right in there and it gave the whole show a "fashion fits all sizes" vibe. I've been a massive fan of Crystal since she did that editorial for V Magazine, Which really show everyone you don't need to be a waif to be high fashion.

And onto subject number 2. I just wanted to throw my two cents into a few thoughts I personally have been having regarding London Fashion Week. I do understand that highstreet fashion comes from the catwalks, whats being shown now is more than likely going to inspire and be copied for highstreet over the next season. As much as I want to go to Fashion Week, and I know I will probably go next season. Im struggling to understand the appeal. Maybe its because I'm very highstreet and I don't check out collections of those who exhibit at Fashion Weeks, Id never buy or probably even look at some of the designers clothes ever. I occasionally go on to check out runway pictures, But I would never be able to look at some clothes and be like "Oh that's so [insert designers name here]". Maybe that doesn't make me a proper fashion blogger, or it gives me no right to go to Fashion Week. If anyone has any thoughts on this subject or see where I'm coming from leave me a comment? In some ways I'm maybe just not understanding the whole concept as I'm not there or because I don't really feel like I belong in that kind of sect.

What I liked most about the Look Show was the fact that I could go out and buy those things that were on show, It wasn't like I was just being inspired for the season to come. I thought the Look Show was a really great way to showcase how good the British Highstreet really is by coming up with really great prices. You can look great without having to spend a fortune on designer pieces. I felt all the collections were wearable and relatable. I now have a list of items, along with one that says I NEED THIS NOW, that I will be able to purchase and emulate in due time. I just want to say Thank you so much to LOOK Magazine. It was a really great experience and one that will not be forgotten easily, I had so much fun and it was great to sit front row!

If anyone has any thoughts they want to add, or if they want to let me know what items from the shows, you like/want/need! let me know in the comments!

PS. The Sunday Portrait will be done tomorrow hopefully!