all primark!

Showcasing my full on love for Primark today! I bought all these bits from the flagship store in London, and this has to be my favourite outfit I've worn in a LONG time. Its so cosy and warm, and totally going in the right direction for A/W! I'm trying to opt for a warmer, more subdued colour palette, I'm thinking petrol blues, peacock greens, deep purples, oatmeal, warm browns, burnt oranges and cool greys.I know exactly what look I want to go for this A/W its just a case of finding those right peices! Im very inspired right now, especially after the LOOK show!

I know the dress is a little hoochy, but I am wearing cycling shorts underneath to hide my modesty! I'm one of those people who thinks, well as long as my bums covered its fine! Probably a little on the risque side but hey! This scarf is so good too, It "doesn't look like Primark" at all! Ivor actually thought it was from Gap when he first saw it. I love all the colours in it too! My hair is not agreeing with me today! As you can totally tell! Its all puffy on the one side and because I've been mega conditioning my hair (its matted itself AGAIN!) its a bit too fluffy to have in my center part! I do like having the option to do both though!

Sorry for a short but sweet post, I'm trying to do a Ask LLYMLRS for this week on what I think makes a good blog, at this point in time it might be a long 'un, so maybe it will come in two parts! I'm not sure what else to do blog-wise at the moment. I feel like its getting a little monotonous with its three outfit posts, sunday portrait (sorry I missed this week guysss!) then whatever I can think of to post about on the other three days. Maybe I need some new features, or resurrect some old ones! Any thoughts?

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