top: H&M
skirt: H&M
brogues: new look
necklace: zara taylor
nails: stargazer 504

Red is one of my favourite colours at the moment, If you havent noticed, I often wear a red something to make an outfit "pop" a little! Mainly things like my red knotted rosary or my heart brooch I don't own very many red items of clothing, I picked up this red heart print skirt in H&M about a week ago and forgot about it. Upon digging it out of my closet, I decided to pair it with this sweet slouchy grey jumper, and voila perfect lazy day but looks like I made a bit of stylish effort outfit! I haven't really left the house so I didn't bother with tights or anything, I did pop my trusty brogues on to go to my dads though! The whole outfit screams Fearne Cotton to me! Shes one of my favourite British style icons!

What do you think of when you think of the brand Stargazer? Personally, I think of my former emo days when I'd use all those bright hair dyes and crazy colored eyeshadow. Id not really given the whole brand a good look until I was asked to sort the makeup stand out on my first day at New Look. I noticed that among the brights and uber florescents, there was this beautiful pastel nudey pink, they also have a lovely mint green, a really nice purpley lilac and also a really cool looking pale brown. Much to my surprise it went on really nicely, it took three coats to get it super opaque and then a put a topcoat just incase it chipped, It dried really quickly too! They cost £2.50 at New Look, which is on the same price range as my beloved Barry M. I noticed on their website they are selling them for around £2, and they have a massive range of nail colours (More than Barry M!) I'm really liking the nude nails, I thought I wasn't going to be feeling it. But yeap, defiantly something I'm liking right now!

Its thundering and lightening right now, Days with too much rain seem to bring me down and totally demotivate me! I haven't got many of my chores done today. I've spent too long playing with my camera and trying to sort out my new blackberry as I finally got a replacement for the one I lost! My plan is to get one of those blinged up cases, I'm going to Telford tomorrow with my mother and they usually have someone selling them! Exciting!

PS. Any thoughts on the new cameras quality? Lighting isn't 100% because of how dreary it is out today, But by god they overall image quality is top notch! The picture size is different from my old camera too so the portrait images are a tad longer and the landscapes are thinner and wider. Still works though!