what i wore 16.07.10what i wore 16.07.10
what i wore 16.07.10
dress: topshop
cardigan: H&M
scarf: H&M
brooch: primark
headband: primark

Lordy Lord, the inconstancy in my photographs is really killing me. As someone who thinks that the actual photographs on a blog need to be good quality to make a good blog, I'm well annoyed with the way mine are looking! I think I changed a setting on my camera (Which is a Fuji Film S1000 for everyone who asks!) and now I cant work out how to get it right. Although my overall orangeness is probably making me look odd too. I really need to invest in a new camera. I don't know why I'm being so tight about getting a new one. I just worry about breaking it or something going wrong with it. Actually that's a lame excuse. Maybe I'm just troubled about parting with so much of my hard earned cash. Oh who knows. On one hand I want to have this uber awesome blog with super good pictures. But if I did get a new camera would I change my normal outfit style? Would I do full length and of me walking down the street looking cool with a coffee in hand. I don't think so? Hahah!

Pah, I feel really ugly at the moment. My skins got really bad since going on holiday and I really need to sort my skincare out. I don't actually DO anything to my skin, I just wear simple moisturizer and then use whatever skincare thing I fancy using out of my massive collection of potions and lotions that don't work. So dear PR companies plz send me some skincare stuff cuz i look like I've been hit by the ugly stick. kthanxbaaaai. I'm joking, but seriously, if your offering... ;)

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