Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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what i wore 22.06.10what i wore 22.06.10
what i wore 22.06.10
what i wore 22.06.10
tshirt: H&M
skirt: H&M
blazer: topshop
necklace: eBay
sunglasses: girl props
rings: vintage & H&M
nails: Barry m 295 & 308 + Topshop Matte Topcoat + Eyeliner

This has been my go-to outfit since I actually bought the spotted t-shirt a few weeks ago! There's something I love about the slouchy fit, its so comfy and easy to wear! I had planned to wear it as a cover up on the beach, But smartened up with my trusty Topshop blazer and my favourite H&M skirt I knew it would be too perfect! Ive had so much wear out of that rosary I got from eBay, This one listed here is the exact one that I have, I paid around £2.50 for it.I'm defiantly going to buy another in black!

My leopard nails are making their last showing for a while, Work told me I had to change them as even though they are sort of lenient when it comes to nail polish, this is just too outlandish for a bakery apparently! I actually got a few compliments off the oldies who come in regarding the nails! So back to one colour for a while! Oh and also... sorry for my overly posey pictures too, I was channeling my inner Mary Kate Olsen with those glasses so felt they were appropriate!

Ive had such a great response on yesterdays Keep Or Return post. Some for and against comments, Which is what I really want from those kind of posts! One Anon said they looked like cleaning lady shoes! I think a few people are missing the point on the idea of the post though. I know I've got ultimate decision on if I keep something or take it back to the store, But the post is supposed to be like when you ask your friends what they think of something when you go shopping with them and try things on! Alot of people said they aren't "my style" which is something that's going to be addressed in tomorrows blogpost...



  1. thank-you for your sweet comment! you look lovely, i adore the glasses and the top. i saw that top yesterday whilst out shopping, i'm a tad obsessed with polkadots at the moment, but i just didn't have enough money on me! love, jazzabelle. xxx

  2. Another absolutely gorgeous outfit, it's a shame about the nails!
    Nikki, xo.

  3. I love this outfit, the rosary beads look great against the spotty tshirt.

  4. I love this outfit! I have this skirt in blue and I'm never sure how to wear it - but you've given me some good ideas :)

    Shame about the nails, they do look lovely though!

    Lou x - craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

  5. LOVE THE NAILS! You should come to the USA and do mine. :) Or just do a tutorial. Hahha.

  6. aww what a shame you've had to change your nails! that's one thing i hated about working in catering, i couldn't wear nail varnish.

  7. I have been looking for the perfect polka dot tee for ages and I think I've just found it! It looks lovely on you!

    Also, boo about the nails!

  8. Great look! And your sandals from your previous post are amazing! Keeper!

  9. I la la la love that top and your nails are rad!

  10. Ahh your sunglasses are gorgeous - you nearly can't tell the difference between them and the chanel round half-tint sunglasses.

    Your nails are wonderful also.
    So so depressing you have to get rid of them though. That's what I hated in cookery school and when I was working as an assistant chef in france. There was strictly no make up or nail varnish aloud at all! Not fun.


  11. I love your nails! you look uber cool! :)

  12. Love the t-shirt and your nails, gorgeous!xxx

  13. Your nails are so cute! It's a shame they're making you change them. I really like the tee too. xo


  14. Wow, love the outfit, your sunglasses make it! I'm searching in vain for a decent pair, i can picture what i want in my head but it just doesn't exsist i fear haha! Nails are fabulous, i'm totally going to try something new with my nails when i have the week off work (no nail varnish in the kitchen where i work!)

    Stacey xx

  15. Love the mix of colors in this outfit! Your nails are perfect =)

  16. Love this outfit! Such a shame the bakery world isn't ready for such fierce nails, though! :) x

  17. That red necklace looks amazing!!! *Want!*



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