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The other day on my Keep or Return post, I had a lot of comments saying that the shoes I picked out "aren't your style" which led me to question (Carrie Bradshaw stylee!) "What is my style?" When I'm asked about what style I go for, I always say that I don't know. I really don't know, In these outfit pictures I've worn floral 4 times, leopard print 3 times, polka dot three times, stripes once and worn denim once! I've worn 3 playsuits, the same skirt 5 times, one shirt, 9 dresses and two coats. There isn't anything really consistent about what I wear I don't think! I wear alot of black and I own far too many cardigans! I never wear shorts or trousers, I don't even own a pair of jeans!

There was a period a few years ago when I would ONLY wear grey/black/white. No other colors, back then it was so simple to see things in shops that were "me". I was constantly drawn to oversized shapes (Probably because I was a little tubby!) and big baggy drop arm vests. Now I find it harder and harder to see clothes that are specifically "me". I just buy and wear things I'm attracted too when shopping! My styles evolved and changed so much since I was about 14, I've gone over every trend and style I can think of!

I like to mix and dip into different trends and styles and really experiment with colour and patterns! I like different textures and wearing two different pattens together. I have a unnatural obsession with leopard print! If i was to compare my style with anyone it would defiantly be Fearne Cotton. She, like me, isn't afraid to try different things and wear different things. I really don't think I have a style.

As a cheeky bonus, here's a little strip of images of me through the past 6 years, you can totally see how I've changed and evolved in that time. Because yes at one point I was a big emo girl! My hair is ridiculously short in most of these images, But I've had extensions on and off since I was 15! For the first time in my life all my hair is real!

How about you? Whats your style? Can you define yourself into a specific "style" related category? Let me know!

FYI. This isn't attacking anyone who said that the shoes weren't my style, It just got me really thinking about what exactly my style is.