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The other day on my Keep or Return post, I had a lot of comments saying that the shoes I picked out "aren't your style" which led me to question (Carrie Bradshaw stylee!) "What is my style?" When I'm asked about what style I go for, I always say that I don't know. I really don't know, In these outfit pictures I've worn floral 4 times, leopard print 3 times, polka dot three times, stripes once and worn denim once! I've worn 3 playsuits, the same skirt 5 times, one shirt, 9 dresses and two coats. There isn't anything really consistent about what I wear I don't think! I wear alot of black and I own far too many cardigans! I never wear shorts or trousers, I don't even own a pair of jeans!

There was a period a few years ago when I would ONLY wear grey/black/white. No other colors, back then it was so simple to see things in shops that were "me". I was constantly drawn to oversized shapes (Probably because I was a little tubby!) and big baggy drop arm vests. Now I find it harder and harder to see clothes that are specifically "me". I just buy and wear things I'm attracted too when shopping! My styles evolved and changed so much since I was about 14, I've gone over every trend and style I can think of!

I like to mix and dip into different trends and styles and really experiment with colour and patterns! I like different textures and wearing two different pattens together. I have a unnatural obsession with leopard print! If i was to compare my style with anyone it would defiantly be Fearne Cotton. She, like me, isn't afraid to try different things and wear different things. I really don't think I have a style.

As a cheeky bonus, here's a little strip of images of me through the past 6 years, you can totally see how I've changed and evolved in that time. Because yes at one point I was a big emo girl! My hair is ridiculously short in most of these images, But I've had extensions on and off since I was 15! For the first time in my life all my hair is real!

How about you? Whats your style? Can you define yourself into a specific "style" related category? Let me know!

FYI. This isn't attacking anyone who said that the shoes weren't my style, It just got me really thinking about what exactly my style is.



  1. I adore your style & had a feeling you might have been a bit of an emo girl =p which is good - means you weren't a charver!

  2. Whoa you really have changed a lot! Really interesting post to read :)

    Stacey xx

  3. Awwww you were an emo/scene kid :)
    Times really have changed, and I'd agree with Fearne Cotton. I'm trying to find a celebrity to compare me to now
    It would be mine

  4. Oh wow, I love that post. Hm, I honestly don't know what my style is.. I'm really all over the place but I am trying to find my style. I think It definitely takes time.

  5. I find it really hard to define styles. I too don't feel I have a style, but people tell me I have style.. so maybe we can just say we have style rather than a certain style. You have looooads of style. Maybe I've said style too much.

  6. i was once a bit of an emo/goth too! haha. i think it's character and style building. it's hard to think about style, but i would say my style was girly and classic.

  7. your styles amazing Lily :) It is better to have no specific style because then you don't have to restrict yourself to what you "can" and "can't" wear. Your outfit posts are always very pretty :) x

  8. I think my style is very feminine with cute details like ruffles or cut outs. I also have a million prints (mainly floral in my wardrobe)that I pair with a blazer or jacket. Most of all though my style is practical, I get warm easily so I need comfy clothes and I have to walk far and I can't walk in heels so it's flats or mid-heels for me! :)

    Maria xxx

  9. Very interesting post - I liked seeing all your looks at once, it's a great visual.

    If I had to sum up my style in a sentence, I would call it "feminine, flirty, and fun." I dress a lot like Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl, circa Season 1/2007), but I don't like being tied down to just one look. There are some days I dress very hippie, others I like a more classic style. I think style is continually evolving, so I don't know if I'll ever truly know what's "me." (And maybe that's for the best!)

    xoxo Hannah

  10. Your style is lush, that's how I'd describe it!
    I too am an ex emo (well a re-offending emo really, I conceal it a little better these days under lots of pretty clothes!) and I often think your approach to style is a bit like mine. Girly but with some kind of edge to it. Never just copied and pasted off a mannequin at Topshop.
    Your style is definitely one of my faves out of the gajillion blogs I read. You just make everything you wear look so interesting.
    I basically heart you, and that's the only conclusion I can come to on this topic. xo

  11. hey, someone mentioned you may be interested in buying a canon 1000d slr off me, if you are email me at please! :) x

  12. Similarly to you I can't really put my self in a certain style. The other day I had someone telling me I dress "very sexy". whatever that mean lol ..granted most of my clothes are loose fitting and I shape it with a belt or saftey pins or a little dyi alteration lol. I love wearing black with a punch of color or stripes with solid accents. I really like "your style" though lol ...its not too predictable but always lovely.

    Extensions are such a ball ...I still dabble with them ever so often. I love how much variation it can bring.

  13. I love your wardrobe!!!!! Everything is just matched so beautifully together! Thanks for inspiring us!


  14. This post reminds me of me! I don't own jeans/pants either. I also went through the emo phase (as well as goth, which came before that!) I shudder when I look at some of the clothes I wore (I pretty much lived in hoodies) xo

  15. I never know what to say about my style too.. i think i would say im eclectic with an obsession with anything patterned or printed. Like u i love leapord print,floral, spots and lots of stripes..and i think i have a cardigan in every colour under the rainbow! :) x

  16. wowo hun six years! thats really impressive and yes there is a definate change :)
    p.s love the poutfit with the red scarf and the blu stipped dress :)
    xo tobes
    keep in touch

  17. Excellent post! I am in love with your style. It's fantastic! I actually thought about my own personal style the other day, and what I would say if someone asked me. It's definitely something to think about. I would have to say my style is sort of semi structured, yet effortless if that makes sense LOL

  18. oh i loved this post!!! all of your outfits were fantastic, you have great style!!! I think it is hard for other people to tell someone what there style is and isn't only you know what you like and would wear but i loved the shoes lol.

  19. It seems a lot of the best bloggers used to be little emo girls. I am also guilty of this! I love your style though because it's not set in one area. You've got flair and can pull off most things. I feel sometimes people can get stuck in one style and it becomes a rut but you're still exploring. I think I'm still exploring withh my style too because I'm still finding new things all the time that I love to wear.

  20. Just ordered one of those rosary necklaces :)

  21. You're absolutely gorgeous! One the same sort of topic, what's you music 'style'? Maybe this could be a post, what music you're liking just now? X

  22. Oh wow this is so fantastic to see how your style is all laid out like this. I do think you have a recognisable style, perhaps not signature or predictory, but you suit what you wear, and that shows consistent taste.

    Haha I love the way your old images you've made so little! A hint of embarrassment perchance?! :P

    I don't particularly have a style either! I just wear what I think looks right together; not especially matchy matchy nor going out of my way to clash. I'm not a huge legs fan so tights / skinny jeans are a staple, and give me a cool graphic tshirt and I will love your forever! I suppose a bit tomboyish... Despite my attempts lace always makes me feel too flimsy...

    Claire @ Jazzpad


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