Thursday, June 24, 2010

young cardinals

dress: topshop
blazer: topshop
cycling shorts: H&M
sandals: new look

I love this Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress. It was a all time lust when the collection came out last year. Unfortunately I missed out on it and it was going for silly prices on ebay! I decided to give up on the dress, but a few months after it came out I found this one in my size on the returns rack in Birmingham Topshop, I jumped for joy and ran to the till. Its possibly one of my all time favourite dresses! Its a bit too scandalously short to wear without tights though, hence the shorts! The colours look a bit weird in these pictures, But heres a stock photo to get a real feel for it!

Cycling shorts are a great way to wear things that are that little bit too short without tights without going the whole hog and wearing tights! I picked these up when I was in London last week for the measly sum of £2.99, Although I think they may be sold out in most places, Alot of the big online shops are doing them still. I also have a pair from Asos, and you can get some from Topshop too.

Today I went shopping with my friend Hannah, and I bought some things for holiday and we went to Weatherspoons for lunch. I took back the Topshop Nate Sandals, and I ended up buying a few things from the Topshop sale, Including 3 pairs of spotted tights and some two tone tights for £1 each! I also bought a leopard print turban and a tunic! Although I'm not 100% sure about the tunic quite yet! I also got my first pair of denim(-ish) shorts too! Lovely!



  1. I love the dress! And your hair is absolutely gorgeous.
    You'll have to show us the tunic so we can give you our opinion!

  2. I loved that Topshop collection too! The prints were gorgeous. It looks so good with the cycling shorts.

    I went to the Topshop sale too todaay and got some great bits! x

  3. Envious of the dress - I remember trying it on but couldn't afford to buy it! I'd never have thought of putting it with the cycling shorts but they actually look really good together! xx

  4. gorgeus dress....and hair!
    very very very pretty :)
    tu sei afascinante!

  5. I couldn't decide if i should get cycling shorts or not before, but now i definitely will, it's lovely

  6. you look so sweet in that dress!



  7. ahh. im actually addicted to your blog, its amazing :)

  8. Wow, I love the pattern on the dress1 i want a Topshop in Germany so baaaad :)
    The cycling shorts are such a good idea! I've seen this before but never thought of trying it out myself. maybe i will now...

  9. You look great :)

    Am looking forward to seeing these sale purchases you've mentioned in future posts!

  10. Omg. I love that dress! I first saw it on Alexa Chung and fell inlove with it! Nice outfit.

  11. Really cool outfit. I especially like the shorts!! I need to buy also some :-))

  12. LOVE the dress. Remember trying it on when the collection came out, but the shape was all wrong for me. Looks lovely on you! X

  13. Oeee I Want that dress!! Next week im going to londen with a friend!!
    Do you have shoppingadresses tips?
    You live near london right?
    Love x


  14. I loooove that dress, it's so pretty. I remember wanting it when it first came out, but sadly they were sold out of my size.
    I've been a bit unsure about cycling shorts, but they actually look really good in this outfit, might have to add them to my wishlist!

    anyhu...ur blog is cool
    mine is at

  16. great outfit, like it with the shorts..

    xoxo cla

  17. I wish I could get items of clothings from Topshop, but the only way is via online shopping. But sometimes I wonder whether or not the shipping is worth it.. And being low on money does contribute to myself not having any fashionable items.

  18. Ohh noo! Why did you take back the sandals? I envy this dress every time you have a ootd with it! xx

  19. The dress looks great with the shorts peeking out underneath! I definitely need to get myself a pair.

  20. this is such a cute look! i really love it and you are adorable

  21. Isn't this the one Alexa Chung has? It looks gorgeous. I love the color and the print.

  22. I'd had your lookbook page bookmarked a while ago and then I recognized you on i know what you wore this summer, so happy to find your blog! Following you now xxx

  23. i think that this is the only outfit with cycling shorts that i've liked! Good job haha! Love the Barbara Hulanicki dress! So pretty

  24. haha! my brother worked with barbara hulanicki and was one of the people who inspired her to do the whole "barbara hulanicki for topshop" thing!

    they're like friends now! it's preeeetty lush! i think he has a mention in a book of hers for it actually!

    love the blog, it's so inspiring! congrats! xoxo


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