001. My first week at New Look went really well! Was kinda exhausting going from not working for two weeks to doing 2 full 9-5:30 days, plus the hours drive! But its good, I basically do merchandising and keeping the area clean and tidy. There is some great stock in the New Look concessions department! Especially in the sale (takes forever to clean up!) I saw a ton of really lovely dresses for £5! They normally only have medium and large sizes left though which is a tad annoying! Id totally reccomend having a rummage if you have a decent conessions department in your local New Look. I was looking through the stuff and was goin "OOOH JEN WOULD LIKE THIS" and "OOOH ELEANOR would LOVE this!" Yup I think of blog stuff IRL!

002. Been playing with my new camera today, Been trying to work out how to make some good quality Youtube videos!

003. I've seen a few people drawings of me but when Alyse asked me if she could draw me, I was so flattered and immediately accepted! She drew a draft image of me the other day and its great! My I always envy people who can draw humans, I struggle with it so much! I can never get them to look like the person I'm drawing! Her drawings are absolutely amazing so go check them out on her Flickr or her Blog! My Mums asking her to do a drawing of me for our house!

004. Here a picture of my sisters new baby Jacob James, Isnt he a sweetie! Two weeks old today! He looks like a right grumpy old man mixed with Phil Mitchell from Eastenders!

005. Just so y'all know, I reply to almost every email I get, So if you want to know an answer to something I'd rather you ask me on there than in the comments. Its much harder for me to reply to those, I often think people will miss the answers if I do it in the comments! You can even tweet me @llymlrs and Ill reply on there! Also I add everyone on Twitter who adds me, As long as they have a non private profile (this is because I wonder if they want to be added back? Seeing as they are private and all!), So if you want me to add you back you need to let me know! I don't want any of you to think I don't talk to my followers because I do! I want you to be my buddies, not just some people who follow me! And Just so you know I actually recognize the names of people who comment me regularly and smile when you leave me lovely comments!!