TK Maxx is a treasure trove for all sorts of things from home wear to designer items, beauty bits to clothing, kids toys to kitchenware – It has a bit of everything and everything. I can see why people often find it a little bit overwhelming but if you put some time aside and have a good look around you’re almost certainly going to come out with a bunch of bits and bobs. Or can go in wanting one thing and end up coming out with a bunch of stuff you didn’t go in for but somehow needed anyway.

With the New Year, New You mindset I was asked to pop into store and pick up a bunch of things to kick start my new year. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to get my hands on but once I was there having a good ol’ nosey around I couldn’t help but add things to my basket! Every item in this post I picked up for under £20 too so it's a must visit place of you're on a New year budget!

First up I tackled the exercise stuff as I’ve been recently getting back into Yoga so I was in dire need of some new garms’. Partly because if you didn’t post a cute selfie of you in your work out gear, did you even work out at all?

I got a pair leopard print leggings for £12.99 as well as the grey marl sports bra for less than a tenner. I often find gym stuff its hard on the high-street to find affordable and good quality clothing that isn’t ugly - But because of the huge amount of brand names coming in to TK Maxx there’s plenty of big name sport brands to choose from for a fraction of the price. Oh and the “Killin’ it” Water bottle instantly got my attention purely for it’s sass! I also picked up some weights too because I thought they might motivate me a little bit to get my butt moving a little more at home! I really want to rejoin the gym at some point this year so having some nice workout stuff has made me actually motivated me into looking into it.


Moving on to home wear bits I picked up a mirrored tray which I thought would go really well on my new vanity set up  as well as a throw that could jazz up the sofa in my office. I have a real thing about soft furnishings at the moment and I almost bought a huge faux fur blanket for my bedroom, which I’m very tempted to go back for… I’m just hoping its still there! Im kicking myself for not getting it now!

I found a bunch of adorable cups with matching saucers as well as some cute bowls to put snacks and the like it when I have people come over. Even though I’m more of a mug girl when it comes to my cuppa they were just too sweet to leave in store. I think I’m going to use the saucers as catchall trays for my car keys or rings. Rather than what I usually do which is leave them lying all around my house and having to scramble around trying to find them when I want to go out. I managed to lock myself out of my house a few days after NYE, which was not one of my best ideas.

I also got a couple of notebooks so I can continue planning my world domination well into 2017. My favorite purchases of the day a set of adorable mindfulness coloring in postcards. I’ve really wanting to get into the coloring book thing that trended last year as I’ve heard so many good things about them and how its really helped people clear their heads. My best friend swears by doing them before bed - As one of my new years resolutions is to try and sleep more and learn to switch off in the evenings I thought these would be the perfect thing to try out!

So there you go there are a bunch of new things that I picked up to refresh my home and my mind for the New Year to come! As TK Maxx stock varies from store to store it’s hard to say what might or might not be in stock in your local one. However they are always refreshing their stock so it’s definitely worth a good ol’ rummage!