Wow, I've become very aware that most of the stuff I've posted on here has been sponsored stuff and I agree, that sucks. Now generally I don't feel bad about working with brands as I only ever work with ones I love and want to talk about on here but its not right for it to become so common place. Honestly just kinda been unfortunate that it's gone that way.

This blog was my passion project, something I started when I was at University and then grew beyond my absolute wildest dreams. I don't think I ever wanted to be a blogger but it was something that intrigued me and drew me right in from the start. I've actually been a full time blogger for 5 years and  been blogging for over 7 years now and thats kinda crazy. But I'd slipped into this weird black hole where I'd stopped being a blogger and became a Youtuber as my love for blogging dwindled and sort of died a very tragic and drawn out death in favour of my Youtube Channel. I'd stopped reading as many blogs as I did before and watched so many videos on Youtube that Im a little bit ashamed of my watch history.

However recently I've been getting more and more back into blogs. It started off one day just scrolling through one of the blogging hashtags that go round each week and before I knew it I was on Bloglovin' and clicking through to tons of different things. Its been awesome to find so many cool, unique voices in the blogging world who just do it because they love it.

So in 2017 I want to start blogging again, mainly because it feels like a bit of a challenge and I really do like the idea of building myself back up again from the ground. Therefore, Today Im gonna share with you 5 of my blogging goals for 2017 and what I would really like to do going forward on this little space on the internet.

Get Better At Flay Lays
This is something that I've really, really wanted to explore going forward. I know it sounds like the most basic thing imaginable but its HARD OK. Like, Im not gonna lie the art of perfecting a flay lay has been eluded me for far too long. On Insta it just looks like a super effortless snap from the top down but theres so much more to it. It's mixing and matching bits and bobs to create a cohesive image. Trust me, it's an art form in itself.

Think Less
Something I've struggled with the past few years of my life as a blogger is overthinking the formula and the actual act of blogging. I feel because blogging got to this point where you had to write articles and long ol' stories about this that and the other (and we all know writing 'aint your gals strong point) I felt a little overwhelmed and kinda... just... not very good at it? Time for me to strip it back old school with a back to basics formula and see how that takes my fancy. I want to keep posts short and snappy, rather than a big ol' waffle (although admittedly I do like a good waffly post from time to time!) and in turn hopefully it'll make me feel OK to post more. I want to post simpler posts that aren't some epic tale, just a little tidbit about something or other.

Share more that I love
This kinda links to the last point but honestly I just want to share more of the things I like, products I use and my latest ASOS buys without having to have a full blown photo shoot. Cute little posts on a pair of boots I got in the sale or a snippet of my weekend in photo form. I've noticed I really don't share too much and I doubt you guys would know what my favourite lip colour of the moment is because I've not said or mentioned it anywhere. Do you guys know my current favourite perfume? There was a point years ago I could probably name most bloggers favourite things without even having to try and I kinda miss that vibe. While I do try and mention things I love over on my Youtube Channel it doesn't always fit with my content so it makes sense to use this platform to actually talk about my fave hairbrush or my current favourite Netflix season.

Try a New Layout
I've changed my layout a few times over the years but nothing has ever felt quite right. I've been using pre-made layouts for a while and I think it's about time I stripped things back and worked on a layout myself. This layout I currently have is lovely (honestly, no shade to the designer) but it's been seen before and I actually don't think it's very "me" or reflects my personality that well. What I need to do is put that Graphic Design degree to some use at least and do it myself! This is something I haven't even really thought through yet so god knows when I'll settle on something but  I do want to start putting this into motion at some point.

Get back into Outfit Posts.
This is probably the thing I should have put at the top of the list but it's some how ended up at the bottom but I really want to start doing outfit posts. I think I really do need to find someone local who will come around and take photos for me for my blog so it gives me a little more motivation and fits a little better with my schedule. Jon is my wonderful friend and photographer but for some reason every time we try and shoot the weather is bad or something messes up and unfortunately its been like that for a while. Goddam you crazy UK weather! None the less I want to start doing them again and show off what I wear now as I really like my current dress sense as arrogant as that sounds. I think I've finally found my personal style and Im really digging that. But beyond hauls I really don't show stuff off that much and that needs to change. The thing I loved so much all this years ago was showing of what I wear and getting feedback on that. As well as just sharing a bunch of high street bargains that anyone could buy, I loved hearing that people bought things off my recommendations because it made me feel good knowing its made others feel good!

It might be worth noting that I didn't include a "post x amount of times a week" clause in my blogging goals for 2017. I think it goes without saying that I genuinely want to post way more than I did up to this point and 100% more regularly than the odd post every now and again. My dream is for this to become a place where I can post a little bit of everything and kick it back to the blog I loved writing so much. Taking a simpler approach to it and just enjoying it all over again, plus accepting the challenge of rebranding myself as a blogging and vlogger, not just... well whatever I currently am. Which to be honest Im not quite sure.

Now that I have a new laptop that actually has keys that work properly I hope to get on this case ASAP - I've legit been without a computer that has a working keyboard for about 6 months and thats not cool. I've had to use a onscreen keyboard for the most part and thats a BALL ACHE. But I bought a new Macbook to mark the New Year and the new start. It's actually really nice being able to type a paragraph properly again.

Anyway, those are my blogging goals for 2017, I'd love to know yours if you have any!