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Party Season. If it isn’t your favourite season then you must be some soul sucking party pooper because frankly I think it's awesome. Give me some sparkles, velvet and faux fur any day of the week and I’m ready to go. However, there is nothing worse than being caught off guard before a night out - especially an unplanned one.  We all know the best nights out are always the unexpected ones, but if you want to be desk to bar ready at all times you need to update your makeup bag to reflect the change in seasons or you might be left in compromising position.

A fear of mine is being caught out with a little uncomfortable fuzz just before a night out. Having a Venus Razor on hand is an essential in these types of situations. Coming in a handy dandy makeup bag size, with a cute travel compact, the Venus Snap is a  beaut.  Slip this safely into your makeup bag ready to whip out at the moment your best pal texts you to ask if you want to go out tonight.

The Venus Snap can be used with any Venus razor head; I love the Venus & Olay blades because they have built in shave gel blades with 2 in 1 moisture boosting and glide enhancing ingredients – perfect to add that post shave glow. They are also spring mounted with five blades to get a super close smooth shave. Despite having a teeny tiny (and super CUTE) handle, the Snap is  easy to hold and moves easily with the contours of your body to get every single hair with minimal effort. Leaving me feeling smooth as a dolphin and ready to go. 

The Venus & Olay blades help to lock in moisture and prevent dryness – which is so important in the winter months! - and cuts out the need for a separate shaving foam which is a great time saver. I find with some razors I can be left with unsightly razor burns or bumpy areas where the blades have irritated my skin as it's super sensitive but never found that with these ones. I love that I can just wet them and get to work with zero faff of trying to lather up!

I've been using Venus Snap as a travel razor for years since I originally picked it up in America a couple of years before it even came out in the UK. It's one of those items that goes with me pretty much everywhere. Genuinely I can’t count the amount of times it's come in handy on beach holidays, overnight stays and weekend breaks - It's a lifesaver.

If you're anything like me then your handbag is already littered with a bunch of different lip products already so this might not be that much of a shock. But definitely keep and red or burgundy shade on hand just in case. A wintery festive shade can pretty much update any day look to a night time one in quick slick. Plus it's the easiest way to make whatever makeup you had on earlier in the day look ready to go. Zero to 100 in seconds.

Highlighter is another party makeup bag swap out. I cant live without the stuff but it's not everyone's thing during the day. However, it's a super versatile product that can be used as a eye shadow, on collar bones or as you know... a highlighter. Plus if you can’t wear highlighter during the festive period when can you? Highlight to the gods!

Keeping a dry shampoo at hand is another essential - Reawaken lifeless hair with a good blast straight to the roots and shake it out to get some volume back . It can revive styles and fake fresh hair in an instant. Plus keeping a mini deodorant in your makeup bag is a good idea because you know, no one wants to smell. Especially if you've been wrapped up in a jumper all day - you'll need it!

So those are a few of my party ready makeup bag additions for the festive period. I'd love to know what you have in your makeup bags right now - Share yours over on Instagram using the #VenusBeautyEssentials and tag @GilletteVenus.