I've recently become obsessed with the brand Jakke, It's a London based faux fur and leather brand which had caught my eye when I picked up a camo coat from Urban Outfitters. I was browsing their website praying that this star print fur coat was in stock. It wasn't at the time but it is now and I'm seriously considering buying... it but thats beside the point. After a click around I saw that this jumper was in the sale (£20, uhhh hellloooo) and I knew it had to be mine. A few clicks later and some waiting at my front door it arrived.

I absolutely adore it, it's so over the top and extra and right up my street. Its super thick due to layers and layers of shaggy fur which makes it next level warm although it does make me look about 3x bigger than I actually am. Perfect for hiding a food baby though!

I took this photo myself on my Tripod and had serious 2012 flashbacks, and it actually was more more difficult to do than I actually remembered! I swear to god it took me about 100 shots to get ONE that I liked let alone a whole outfit post. As Im currently in a bit of a house rejig I might start posting more outfits like this, just little snippets where and when I can. Just like old times eh!