boon set me a challenge to find myself a Christmas Sweater and use the virtual Boon card via my iPhone to purchase my items. As someone who is a little bit of a festive jumper enthusiast I was genuinely a little bit too excited about the about the idea of this. 

However I was actually a little trickier than I imagined to find Christmas jumpers this year! Normally the shops are filled with tacky, ott Christmas jumpers this time of hear - which is my personal favourite type of novelty jumper. Give me a sweet pun or a pop culture reference and throw in some sequins and glitter and I'll be buying that jumper immediately. None the less  I ended up settling on two different ones that I found on a very drizzly wander around Brighton which was delightfully peppered with Christmas lights and the content reminder that I really should get on with my Christmas gift shopping.

boon is a virtual card that can be added to your Apple Wallet via your iPhone so you can pay for your shopping with a single tap. Pretty much all shops take contactless payments - if you didn't know you can use Apple Pay with all contactless card terminals - you don't actually need a physical card. Therefore you can pay directly with your iPhone, which if you're like me that's never very far from your hand. Just hold your phone near the reader and hover over the home button till the Wallet pop up, a little ding and it's  done. It's a super simple way of paying for your shopping with absolutely minimal effort, you don't even have to dig through your bag for your card. Plus it's also handy if you need to stick to a budget while on shopping trip, you can top up with certain amount of money. I like it because it's really useful knowing how much you have left in your budget in real time as well as having easy access to the transactions you have made just by looking at the app. The simple interface and no faff usage is a massive plus for me. 

As I said I settled on two different jumpers - one was from Pull and Bear which has quickly become one of my favourite shops. It's quite quirky in a simple way and I really like that about them. I picked this cartoony tinsel strewn red jumper because I thought it was just the right mix of cute and ugly without being ironically ugly. Just a nice balance. 

The other jumper I picked up was this one from H&M. When I saw it on the rail I genuinely thought it was two different jumpers, until I saw someone fiddling with it and realised it was some sort of weird sequin reversible type deal which I'd never seen before.  So on one side it says HoHoHo and the other it says NoNoNo. Ideal for anyone who is still indecisive if they are a Scrooge or a Christmas enthusiast. It's also pretty sweet that you that I could probably get away with wearing a No! No! No! Jumper at a non Christmassy time but then also secretly have some festive spirit hiding away on the underside of some sequins. I thought it was super cool approach to a Christmas jumper so I had to pick it up. 

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This post is sponsored by boon, but sll thoughts are my own.