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I’ve had my fringe for a good few months but I am no means an expert on the fringe subject. I have learnt a few tips and tricks along the way to dealing with having a fringe.Fringes can be oh-so-cute but can also go oh-so-wrong very quickly. Keeping them in shape is always a toughie but heres a rough guide to keeping your fringe in check!


The trick I’ve learnt about blow drying my fringe is to do it first and work it in three sections using a mid barrelled rounded brush and then smooth it all together - Rather than doing it all as one. This ways it doesn’t end up all poofy or flat at the edges and sits nicely on my forehead. When I’m feeling especially lazy - I’ll rough dry my hair and then use the Babyliss Big Hair to tong and blow it smooth in one lazy step.

Revive Daily

I find if I don’t wash my hair everyday then I find that it goes all stringy, gross and flat. The easy solution is to blast them with a bit of dry shampoo - Spray straight into the roots and then massage it in. My favourite is Batiste, Every girl should have one in the beauty arsenal, fringe or not! However I find that sometimes it can still look a little ropey so more often than not I simply section off my fringe with clips and just wash the fringe, and blow-dry as normal. It takes 3 mins max and makes SUCH a difference!

Cut It

Maintaining a decent fringe length is hard! I’d honestly only recommend trimming your fringe if you feel confident enough - my hairdresser offers free fringe trims. SoI tend to go get it done every two weeks. You’ll be surprised how quickly your fringe can go from cute to too long! With the guidance of Zoe I have branched out to cutting my own fringe. Using a comb I brush my fringe straight & start from the middle, and do tiny upward snips using hairdressing scissors. As I have quite a rough fringe style this works well for me but honestly it’s a little bit of trial and error!


With a great fringe comes great responsibility. I can’t tell you if you should or shouldn’t get a fringe - there are so many variables if you should or shouldn’t get one. Make sure you really consider it before you jump right in though. Consider if it’ll suit your face shape and I wouldn’t recommend a fringe if your low maintenance (although I am, but spend a extra bit on my fringe). If you're really worried about what it might look like then I suggest trying a cheapy clip in fringe extension. You can pick 'em up really cheap on eBay and while they do look a little wiggy it will help you figure it out before chopping!