how to wear flat shoes
how to wear flats without looking frumpy

I’ve been recently embracing the art of the flat shoe. Opting for my pointed mannish flats over my chunky winter boots to add a little bit of something else to my everyday looks. Luckily flat shoes are having a bit of a moment in fashion at the moment and they can look every bit as chic as a pair of heels. Here are a few of the tips I’ve gathered a long the way about embracing a flat shoe:

Above or Below the Ankle

Flats fall into two main categories - Below the ankle flats such as ballet flats, brogues, sandals or trainers and above the ankle flats such as boots or Converse. Mix up proportions and experiment for the most flattering flat shoe which works for your figure and shape. Sometimes clashing proportions when wearing flats is more For example in mix creepers with a pencil skirt or girly ballet shoes with mom jeans.

Point it out 

A great tip is is to go for a pointed toe. Round toed flats can feel old fashioned and dated where as a toe point can really elongate the leg. Super flatting and lengthening - Just like a fancy pair of heels! Pointed toes add a geometric sleek look to any outfit so are definitely worth looking for, especially for an unexpected evening twist.

Be Smart

Obviously sandals when theres a couple of inches of snow outside are a no-no. However trainers or brogues are perfect for the colder months. Pair some flat boots with some cute little socks you have a dream sock shoe combo in winter weather. Then again rules are made to be broken and a little pair of winter boots can be totally weather re-appropriated with a summer dress for a cool festival look.