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It feels like everyone I know is in NYC right now and Im having a overwhelming feeling of missing out! NYC was the city that stole my heart back in September and I need to get back on with planning my third visit to the iconic city. It's weird to miss a city you've only been to a few times, its hard to explain the hold that a city as exciting and interesting as New York is. I need to go back to NYC asap. It's such an awesome place and really is everything you imagine it to be. I could even see myself living there which is a rarity for me as Im such a London girl. It's just so cool, as lame as that sounds. It's just so so cool.

For this part of my NYC trip the guys at DKNY took me to two iconic New York locations - Central Park and Times Square. Times Square is one of the most crazy places I've ever had the opportunity to visit. It's a hub for all things consumer related and it's just something else.  Huge billboards, loads and LOADS of people, NYC taxi's and Street performers. I remember when we were taking the images I really had to take a breath and think... wow I'm in one of the most iconic places in the world. I thought back to all the countless movies and TV moments that happened in that area. It's breathtaking.

Central Park is one of my favourite locations in NYC, it's so big and vast and just wandering around the place has this comfortable city buzz. It's such a nice green area to visit in such a grey and tall city! When I was there as well there was a music festival happening with performances from  No Doubt and Jay Z. Me and my friend Stu were at the top of the Met at a bar listening to it all going off.

So thats it for my NYC pics, until next time as Im 100% sure there is going to be a next time! I love New York so much... sigh.

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