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As a blogger, Social Media is king. Or Queen. Or whatever you fancy calling it. Without it how would you get word about your new post or maintain your social online visibility. I have those days where I forget to push out my new blog post to my platforms leaving me wondering why my traffic wasn’t as good as it could be. Social media scheduling tools are becoming a go-to tool for keeping us organised and on top of all the social media platforms. Trust me - all your favourite bloggers will schedule stuff in some form so using these sneaky websites it'll save you time, worry and the faff of having to remember to do it on the go!


Totally free, Smart, Simple and easy to use! I use Buffer to schedule a lot of my “hey, i’ve got a new blog post” tweets. It’s such a useful and helpful tool because it can push message to all my social platforms at once. I have my Twitter and Facebook which is helpful as I barely use my own Facebook let alone my blog one. Oops! I like that it has a stagger tool so you can set a virtual timetable/calendar of when you want your tweets to go out and they’ll push automatically. Great if you preplan your content. If you use one tool from this guide then definitely try this one! This also has a really handy little iPhone app which is really useful on the go!


Hootsuite is probably the most popular professional social media tool out there. It’s a little more business focused than Buffer as it has a deeper metrics and techy stuff compared to the latter. I find it a little harder to use but it does provide such  deep array of information for anyone wanting to know some nerdy stats about their tweets!


This is a website that I’ve recently dissevered and I love it. IFTTT's tagline is "make the Internet work for you", which is exactly what it does. By using "recipes" you can make connections between different social platforms and post things in different places. For example - Ever since Instagram and Twitter fell out it’s bothered me you can’t see images from Instagram in your timeline. I use this recipe to push my Instagram images to my twitter using native twitter images. Now whenever I post on Instagram IFTTT automatically uploads my Instagram image to my twitter feed so people can see it directly. It’s really worth looking around the recipe section for ones that will work for you. This Youtube your Blogs Facebook page is handy as well as this one which pushes a RSS feed to Twitter.

Speaking of pushing RSS to Twitter feeds then you could use Here you can set up"deliveries" in which you can push your blog's RSS feed straight to your networks. So it'll check your RSS feed constantly looking for new posts and whenever a new one goes live it'll send out an update straight out your social media. Here you can stylise your post's content to include things like hashtags (I use #bbloggers for my beauty blog) and how you want the tweet to be styled (post name, title, body text). It's also free to use and very fool proof to set up. All you need is your blogs RSS feed and your accounts connected!