Ever since I became a mother to a beautiful little grey ball of fluff I’ve cemented myself as a total Cat person. I've always liked Cats... now I REALLY like cats. Im currently at my parents house and although Im sure Aerys is getting cuddled to death by my housemates and probably happy I'm not there to smother her with motherly love. I really miss her. It’s funny the connection you can have with a pet, I never got pet hype until I got her and I feel like for some strange reason we have this connection. I treat her like she's my child, worry about her when she goes outside and then get the huff when she wakes me up in the middle of the night. I don't know. We just have this bond thats unlike anything I've experienced before. When I got her I did worry I'd regret getting a cat, I worried it'd a big hinderance on my life and would stop me doing the things I wanted to do. I don't regret getting her at all. She might cover me in grey fur most of the time, she moans at me when I go for a wee or her still not understanding the concept of a catflap. The bites and nips outweigh the cuddles we have and when she was on heat I couldnt cope. But I just love her. She's da best.