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As Im sure most people are aware, I'm a huge fan of black boots. These bad boy's rarely leave my feet. Long gone are my days of just wearing simple black flat's and long live the little black boot! I mentioned in my Great Expectations Tag that I thought having a good pair of boots is a wardrobe essential and I really stick by that. They can be worn all year round, summer or winter or day and night. There is nothing I like more than wearing a nice summery dress and toughening it up with a grungy ankle boot or tons of layers in the winter with cute little ankle socks.

I'd say these four are my all time favourites. Topshop Allegera's gained a cult following about a year ago with everyone literally going crazy for them. Dupes started to appear all over the internet and in the high street shops to replicate and they became a very popular shoe choice. I wore these to death for the latter half of 2011 and way into 2012. Mine are looking very battered these days but there is nothing a good shine with some boot polish cant fix. I almost forgot how much I loved these boots until recently and I'm so glad I gave them another chance! My Office lace up boots were purchased with a voucher that I won WAY back when I won the Look Magazine Blogging competition when this blog was still in its infant days. I wanted them for a while but kept putting off purchasing them, until one day I popped into the Office store in Worcester and there they were, size 5 in the sale. I practically skipped to the till. They remind me of Victorian lace up boots, with a classic edge. These look great in the summer paired with little dresses and girly ankle socks.

I purchased the Topshop Alvin's after years of pining after the infamous Office Nighthawks just didn't do it for me. They have a certain cowboy charm to them with all the buckles and the studs. The heel height is perfect for any situation and I've worn these during the day, to meetings, to clubs and even to gigs. I cannot fault these boots at all. ASOS Athens boots are your basic flat Chelsea boots. However they have a simplistic and minimalist edge which I just adore. They are my current go-to boots for when it's snowy or rainy. I feel they add a really manly, military, grunge edge to any outfit and are super comfy.