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Outfit One:
River Island Jacket-
H&M Hat (similar)
Topshop Socks
Office* Boots
Forever 21 Ring

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Outfit Two:
River Island Blazer
Primark Necklace
Michael Kors MK128 Watch
Office Flatforms (similar)

how to wear a little black dress

Outfit Three:
Primark Bag (similar)
Zara Shoes (similar)

I guess this a fairly different type of post for me. However in the interest of bringing something a bit different new to the blog, a few weeks ago I set about filming this ways to wear video. I've always shyed away from the idea of showing people how to dress. Even in real life I'm terrible to shop with as I hate commenting on other people's fashion choices. Lets face it, if you like that neon pink jumpsuit then you go Glen Coco! I don't know why, but the idea of telling people what to do or how to wear something just isn't my cuppa tea. Mainly because quite frankly if someone told me what to wear I'd tell them to naff off. I know I'm not literally telling people this is what you should wear, but I've always wanted to blog my outfits with the mentality of this is what I wear and what I like and you like that and it inspires you then brilliant. None the less, like everything I seem to say, I've backtracked and here's my attempt of showing you how I'd wear a simple black dress three ways. Cringe voice over aside, I hope you enjoy the video. If you're not that way inclined I've summarised the outfits below!

LBD's are my favourite thing to wear, and this one from Monki is no acceptation. It's a beautiful simple A line shape which is super flattering. I'm not the biggest fan of my arms so the three quarter length sleeves are just perfect for covering up my least favourite area. I wear this dress quite a lot because it's just so basic and can be worn in literally so many ways!

Outfit one is a cute casual, shopping or running errands. It's the kind of thing that can be worn all the time and just chucked on and go. I choose the leather sleeved and boucle jacket because I liked the way they added texture into a simple look. I added the hat as I felt it need something a little bit extra, and lets face it I love a good hat!

Second outfit is more of a date or drinks outfit. It's charming and sweet without being too much, the perfect mix between casual and dressy. I've actually worn this exact outfit on a date before (and I think my housemate has as well) because it's something thats just fool proof. The blazer gives the look a touch of colour and a feminine touch and the colours compliment the neon pop of the Primark necklace.  I personally have no qualms with wearing all black, but a statement or patterned blazer is a great way too add a little bit of interest to a look.

The third outfit is something I've already featured on this blog, but I wore in on a night out when I went to a posher place than our local pub! Kitten heels are something I never thought I'd get into but I have to admit they have really grown on me. I really like the pointed toe as it elongates the leg and makes me feel much slimmer than I am. I kept the look monochrome, as it's a huge for S/S. Im pretending I'm fashion forward as I've been doing it for years.