own the runaway blazer* (similar here)
monki collar
zara heels

Thought I'd take my brand spanking new heels out for a day out. I bought them in the Zara sale after pining after them for a few months. Never ever did I think I'd see the day where I'd choose to buy a pair of kitten heels, but lets face it style changes! I'm really happy with them despite them feeling very strange to wear despite the small heel. I hardly ever wear anything with such a narrow heel so I feel a bit off tottering around with them on! I do love the pointed shape and the ankle strap though, makes me feel very lady like! I filmed a video earlier and this was one of the outfits, but I don't think Im going to have time to edit it tonight so I'll get back to it tomorrow!

Monki is one of my favourite shops at the moment, their simple and often unique approach to the shapes of clothing are spot on. Their patterns, colouring and themes of their collections are fun and really different from the style of clothing on offer in the UK. Basically there is a lot of baggy smocks, oversized tops, monochrome prints and colour pops. It's definitely one of my favourite foreign brands! It's like H&M with more Scandi-influences and I highly recommend checking it out! There is currently only one store in the UK in Carnaby Street but you can shop online!